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Michael Kovach is the voice actor for Angel Dust and the co-host of HuniCast.


He has voiced in video games such as Midnight Wave, XOXO Droplets, Zodiac Axis, Blush Blush, and the upcoming games Billie Bust Up and Terrain of Magical Expertise.


  • He is a heteromantic asexual.[1]
  • He loves drinking Baja Blast, a type of Mountain Dew.
  • Ashley made an OC for him named Kovi Cat, which is basically him as a cat. He initially wanted to be an owl, which she claims she isn’t able to draw well.
  • He dislikes bitter/sour food and drinks.
  • He is 5' 10½" (1.79 m).
  • Michael has one younger brother and one younger sister.

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