Michelle Marie is a professional voice actress, singer, and lyricist originally hailing from Oregon, residing in Los Angeles. She graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in Music and Japanese Studies and is the voice actress for Niffty.


After watching her very first musical at the age of 3, Michelle became inspired to pursue acting and went on to participate in community theatre and musicals throughout her childhood. When she was 14, she took up voice acting as a hobby but decided to pursue the voice over field professionally in 2016.


  • Michelle sings English and Japanese covers on her Youtube channel under the alias "Amree". Currently, she has over 30,000 subscribers.
    • She is most well known through her part of her and Static-P's duet, "It's Not Like I Like You".
  • Michelle loves sheeps, (particularly the Pokémon Wooloo), puns, french fries and enjoys scrap-booking during her free time.
  • Michelle is 5'11" (180.34 cm), making her taller than any of the other cleanup stream regulars.

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