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Mick William Lauer, also known as Ricepirate, is a Taiwanese-American animator and actor. He along with Stamper are a part of a podcast called SleepyCabin on YouTube.

He is the English voice actor for Husk in Hazbin Hotel.


Lauer was born in Woodinville, Washington, USA, and raised in Asia. He graduated of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for performance studies, with three years of conservatory training from the Atlantic Theater Company, one year at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (London), a final year focusing on film & television performance with the StoneStreet Studio, and additional training in improvisation at UCB (NYC).

Lauer trained in voice acting under Jay Snyder (Dan Green) at Edge Studio (NYC) and represented by the team at Dean Panaro Talent (LA).

Mick got a start on his career on the site Newgrounds where he became very popular for his parody animations, most notably, Dot Dot Dot. He continued doing animations on his YouTube channel.



  • His nickname, Ricepirate, is his online Newgrounds and YouTube channel handle.
  • He is a skilled flash-animator having made several parody and original animations, and a comic book artist.
  • The first language Mick was taught was Mandarin Chinese.
  • He is an avid gamer who has been known to play games like Super Meat Boy and post them to his YouTube channel.
  • Outside Hazbin Hotel, he also voices Marrow Amin from RWBY, and Mitchell Shephard in Hunt Down the Freeman, as well Abe The Detective in the YouTube series Who Killed Markiplier? and short Wilford Motherloving Warfstache, also playing the Warden in A Heist With Markiplier.
    • Mick's roles in Hazbin Hotel and RWBY contradict each other, with Husk being a cat demon and Marrow being a Dog Faunus.
  • He and Ed can do great impressions of Sir Pentious.[1]

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