The Pilot

"What about a car wash?"
―Millie, giving a suggestion
"People LOVE musicals, sir."
―Millie, agreeing with Blitzo
"Are you trying to crush his dreams, Moxxie? I thought I knew you."
―Millie, flirtily to Moxxie
"It's for him that I fell~"
―Millie, about Moxxie
"Calm down, Mox! You're gonna have another panic attack!"
―Millie, calming Moxxie down
"That's my husband you're talkin' to!"
―Millie, to Eddie

Murder Family

"Moxxie stop shakin’! You're gonna shoot our only hellhound."
―Millie, to Moxxie
"Guilty and innocent aren't our business Mox. Killin' who we're paid to is. Our. Business."
―Millie, trying to get Moxxie to shoot a target

Loo Loo Land

"Loo Loo Land?!"
―Millie, excited to go to Loo Loo Land
"Wow! I haven't been in this place since I was a tot. It hasn't changed a bit. Oh, look! It's big Woobly!"
―Millie being excited coming back
"Oh come on! It's fun! You never been here?"
―Millie asking Moxxie
"Yeeees! I don't know what that thing is, but I want that THING!"
―-Millie, to Moxxie

Spring Broken

"What was sex with her like?"
―Millie, asking Blitzo about his love life with Verosika
"What?! It's a popstar! You'd want to know what's sex with Michael Crawford was like."
―Millie, to Moxxie about her question to Blitzo
"Do you have a human disguise?"
―Millie to Loona
"Flawless logic."
―Millie, about Blitzo's revised plan
"Hell yeah! Team M and M getting shit done! Making the money!"
―Millie to Moxxie
"Is Moxxie okay?"
―Millie to Blitzo
"Would be a shame if anyone found out you guys were behind a giant monster fish in the human world."
―Millie, to Verosika
"Fuck yeah!"
―Millie when I.M.P won the bet


"You’re on a roll, sir!"
―Millie, complimenting Blitzo on shooting the TV
"Let’s kill this rich guy!"
―Millie, about Lyle Lipton
"I mean, what do you expect to do with all this money now that you’re old and gross?"
―Millie, to Lyle on his deathbed
"Oh, kiss our ass, prude!"
―Millie, flipping the bird at C.H.E.R.U.B
"And so are you! So why don’t you shut your trap, you judgemental, cotton candy, tit-havin’ bitch?!"
―Millie, to Keenie, calling C.H.E.R.U.B out on their hypocrisy

The Harvest Moon Festival

―Millie, when she find out Blitzo is going to The Harvest Moon Festival
"Oh no! Freelance isn’t free! It's a-- Never mind. We’re just visiting for the festival. The prince is our boss’ (in a dramatic voice) BOYFRIEND!"
―Millie telling Striker why her and her co-workers are at the ranch
"I had worse than this at my brother's wedding, but I caught that fucking bouquet, and it was fucking worth it!"
―Millie, to Moxxie
"I love you, but for fucks sake!"
―Millie, telling Moxxie to hurry up
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