Mimzy is a singer, club owner, and a character set to appear in Hazbin Hotel.


Mimzy is shown to be a short and chubby woman with thick thighs, wide hips, and plump breasts. Her eyes are pitch black and the pupils are hot pink, she has sharp teeth and wears makeup. Her hair is short and blonde, and Mimzy wears a typical 1920s flapper-like pink dazzling dress and a pink headband with pink feathers. She wears a pink necklace.


She appears to be very cheerful and confident in her actions. She's very proud of herself and her singing.



  • Her name is a nonce-word created by author Lewis Carroll which means 'a blend of miserable and flimsy'.
  • In pre-Hazbin Hotel, Mimzy was "head over heels in love" with Alastor, information that might be outdated. It's also stated Mimzy was best friends with Niffty, but this may also be outdated.
  • Her current role in the series is unknown, but she does make a cameo appearance in the musical number "Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow" in the pilot episode "That's Entertainment".
    • When asked if Mimzy is going to be a main character, Vivziepop said that when she joins she's probably more main than Baxter or Crymini are. She also said she's an easier character to write stories for than Crymini or Baxter so she thinks she more main than them.


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