I.M.P. Staff


Blitzo is Moxxie's boss, though Moxxie often plays straight man to the former's antics. They do not have much of a positive relationship, as Blitzo treats Moxxie like an underling and only briefly acknowledges his presence before skipping to what Blitzo wants to focus on. Moxxie disputes Blitzo's implication that the four are like a family. Blitzo tends to shift the blame towards Moxxie when his business antics go wrong, and Blitzo often pushes him around. He (understandably) hates it when Blitzo stalks him and his wife, Millie after hours.

Despite all this, he does regard his boss positively a few times. He willingly defended Blitzo when Eddie, the Bratty Kid, roasted him and briefly smiled when he brought him and the others in a group hug and stated that they should handle said kid's assassination in a respectful matter.


Millie is Moxxie's wife and co-worker. They have a positive relationship as they are shown cooking dinner together and singing "Oh Millie" to each other in the pilot and nearly kissing before being interrupted by Blitzo.


Loona is a co-worker of Moxxie's, but it is apparent that they don't get along, with him looking annoyed or angry with her whenever they're on screen together and Loona telling him to "sit on a dick." He considers her a "Homeless Meth-addict, that Blitzo let in charge of the phones".


His parents

It is presumed that their relationship is at least somewhat of a healthy one since Moxxie's dream of his parents being murdered is seen as a nightmare, yet still preferable to interacting with Blitzo in the middle of the night.



Moxxie tries to defend Blitzo after Eddie insults him but gets quickly interrupted by Eddie who then proceeds to insult him instead, which intimidates him. After finding out that Eddie was the right target all along, he alongside the rest of his co-workers did not hesitate to disembody Eddie's carcass and return the deceased child back to its mother on Earth.

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