"You do everything right in life. Play by all the rules and still get sent down here with all the Hitlers and Epsteins of the world. After one measly massacre propelled by blind rage. So that's why I'm here, to get my revenge."
―Mayberry to Blitzo

Mrs. Mayberry is a Sinner Demon who hired Blitzo and his crew to kill a woman named Martha, whom she caught having sex with her husband in her debut episode, "Murder Family". She is a minor character in Helluva Boss.


When she was a human, Mrs. Mayberry was blonde and had green eyes. She is seen wearing glasses, a long sleeve shirt with cherry patterns, and a skirt that goes up to her stomach and down to her ankles. She appears to wear black leggings and black flat shoes.

In her demon form, Mrs. Mayberry retains her human self's body shape and outfit but with devilish features. She is roughly about the size of Blitzo, with violet skin, pointed ears, red eyes with yellow pupils, and sharp yellow teeth. She has the same tail as an imp, but has noticeable goat-like traits like horns and dark purple hooves. Mrs. Mayberry sports messy white hair, with a black, scrunchy scarf-like, headband. For clothing, she has a dark pink shirt with noticeable stitches and an upside-down red teardrop jewel on her chest with yellow on the tip. She also wears a black torn skirt, red earrings, and pink glasses. When angry, her eyes glow with a red light and her hair starts waving around her head.


Before her death, Mrs. Mayberry was a cheerful and kind person who had a passion for teaching children. However, when she saw that her husband cheated on her, she snapped and was filled with murderous intent; although she was immediately horrified of killing him in front of her students after coming to her senses. After her death, Mayberry became embittered to the thought of ending up in Hell for one act of blind rage after living a lifetime of good behavior. She was also out for revenge on the woman who was responsible for her death, which is why she went to Blitzo for this task.

It seems she still has a sense of humor, joking about how the situation was messed up, but she paid for it.


In life, Mrs. Mayberry was a positive and kind-hearted elementary school teacher at the Puppies Junior School who was beloved by the students of her class. She was also married to a man named Jarold.

On the morning of January 8, Mrs. Mayberry started class with her students singing; but the pleasantness was cut short when one of the kids reminded her that it was Jarold's birthday. Mayberry became upset since she forgot about his birthday, until one of the children suggested giving him a video call to wish him a happy birthday, which Mayberry agreed to, using the classroom's computer. To her and the kids' shock, the computer revealed Jarold was having intercourse with another woman named Martha.

Mayberry was outraged and left the school with murderous intent, only pausing when a child asked her to think before she acted. However, she ignored this and proceeded to choke grab the child in a silent fury and threw her straight through the roof of the school. Mayberry confronted Jarold in the act and attacked Martha as Jarold watched in horror, before she proceeded to kill him. As she realized that her students had witnessed everything via the video call on her computer, Mayberry broke down in tears and told her students to remember their times tables before she turned her gun and committed suicide.

Mayberry was sent to Hell and turned into a demon for her carnage. Mayberry was angered of her fate in the afterlife, but became further enraged as Martha, who survived her murderous encounter, went on to become a hero in the public, even by her former students. Furious and seeking retaliation, she turned to Blitzo and the I.M.P. to assassinate Martha. After the Imps successfully murdered Martha and her whole family in their mission, Mayberry joins them in a party to celebrate Moxxie himself carrying out the deed. When Millie states that killing people is okay if they try killing first, Mayberry remarks the concept is messed up, but concedes she still paid for it.



  • She is the first denizen of Hell in the series who has been shown in both their living human form and the demon form they took on after their death.
  • She is the second client to make a physical appearance on Helluva Boss due to the fact that the one who hired I.M.P to kill Eddie in the pilot remains unknown, and the Ohioan demon who hired the company to kill a jogger was only seen in their advertising.
    • The first client being Stolas, albeit his appearance was not in person and was during a flashback.
  • Despite Faustisse stating that sinners have different voices back when they were still human,[note 1] this does not seem to be the case for Mrs. Mayberry. Because of this, it is possible that this fact has been retconned.
    • It is also stated that after sinners descend to Hell, they change their names.[1] It is unknown if Mrs. Mayberry did this since she was never addressed as anything other than "the newest client."


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