"Mustang Dong" is a song from the Helluva Boss episode "Spring Broken". Blitzo sings along to it in the beginning and during the credits of the episode.


You were the spicy little demon
With the bleach blonde hair
Fiendin' for some semen
When I caught your stare
Thought it might be love
But you went too far
Fucked all of my friends
And blew up my car

Lit me on fire made
Me watch rom-coms
Made a secret sex tape
And showed it to my mom
You were a bitch kinda generally
Now I'm a wet wild stallion
And I'm running free!

You stepped on my nuts
And you tore me apart
Slapped up my booty
And tangled my farts
Cut off my dick
When you shattered my heart
But it grew back twice as long
Mustang dong!!!


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