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"Hi, I'm Niffty! It's nice to meet you! It's been a while since I've made new friends!"
―Niffty introducing herself

Niffty is a Sinner Demon who works as both the maid and cook for the Hazbin Hotel and is one of the main supporting characters in Hazbin Hotel.


Niffty is a small one-eyed demon, akin to a cyclops. Her one large eye has a hot pink and yellow sclera with a light yellow iris, and a black pupil. She also has a single eyebrow and white skin.

She has short pink hair with a yellow highlight. Her teeth are sharp and light yellow, and she has small pink dots at each corners of her mouth, evocative of dimples.

Her attire is that of a red 1950’s maid dress and a white apron over it with three dripping splotches. She wears a dark red neckerchief. She has small, pointed limbs with her arms being black and her legs colored dark red.


In the Pilot she had red-pink scruffy hair and her limbs were a dark pink color.

Her attire was 1950s themed; she wore a dark pink neckerchief, a white blouse with pink dripping splotch patterning, along with a bright-pink swing skirt featuring a 50s'-fashionable dark pink poodle design with yellow dots.


Niffty is hyper, spontaneous, and agile, being very quick on her feet. She is easily entertained, easily distracted, and easily excitable. She dislikes when there is a mess in any room, and has a fixation on men in general.[note 1]


Natural Abilities

  • Fire Resistance: When Alastor summoned Niffty from the Hotel's fireplace, she was entirely unaffected by the fire.
  • Agility: Niffty is capable of rushing to her desired locations easily and is able to make her way around her surroundings with little to no effort. She also appears to not have a walking animation, as when she walks forward, she simply hops.


  • Jack of All Trades: Niffty is shown to be talented in a handful of ways. She excels at cleaning, cooking, and sewing, and outside of work she spends time reading and writing fanfiction.[2]
  • Bilingualism: Niffty can speak both English and Japanese fluently.[6]


Concept and Creation

Niffty's original design

Niffty was originally intended to be a character that would feature in an arc of VivziePop's then-running webcomic, Zoophobia, titled "Angels and Demons".

VivziePop eventually realized that the collection of misfit demons she had designed to appear within the comic had the potential for their own self-contained story, and shifted them, including Niffty, over to the first draft of what would eventually become Hazbin Hotel.[7][8][9]

Niffty's design and theming has changed very little over the course of her development. Only her sewing needle motif seems to have become less prevalent through later illustrations, and her patterning eventually simplified for later animation in the pilot.

Niffty is themed around bugs and B-movie aliens, matching her 1950s kitsch aethetic. VivziePop cites the song "One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater" as in influence when designing her.[10]


  • Her name alludes to the word "nifty" which means "to be particularly good (at something)".
  • VivziePop describes Niffty as a crazy wild card and “grosser than you'd think", comparing her to Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in that she would sleep in a cupboard full of dead rats.[11][5]
  • VivziePop said that, although she had yet to lock down all of the characters' races and ethnicities, she had been writing Niffty with a mind to her being Japanese. This was originally due to Niffty's pilot voice actress being able to speak Japanese fluently.[12]
  • Niffty can play the tambourine and guitar.[13]

Alastor summons Niffty to the hotel

  • Faustisse thinks that Niffty likes anyone who is a man. They emphasized that Niffty is not very smart and that, when she sees a man, she instantly likes them.[note 1]
  • VivziePop thinks that Niffty would read fanfiction and that she would also write fanfiction about people she knows in real life.[2]
  • According to Faustisse, Niffty is not a hopeless romantic, but she would be hopeless in her romantic life.[note 3]
  • Faustisse has also mentioned that she is not very bright[note 4], which Alastor acknowledges[note 5] and that Husk finds her to be annoying, although he remains very patient with her.[note 6]
  • Niffty is currently the shortest character of the main cast.
    • Despite this, her pilot voice actor, Michelle Marie, was ironically the tallest of the voice cast.


  • Niffty was originally intended to have antenna that appeared whenever she became excited, but they were removed as superfluous, although VivziePop is unsure if they will be added back in at some point in the future.[10]


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