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"I really like them, Alastor. They let me put on roach puppet shows – without booing!"
―Niffty, about the other hotel residents

Niffty is a sinner demon who works as the maid, cook, and pest control for the Hazbin Hotel. She is a major character in Hazbin Hotel.

She was summoned to work in the Hotel along with Husk by their mutual associate, Alastor.


Niffty is a small, cyclops demon with pointed limbs, white skin, and one large eye. Her eye sports a light yellow iris, thick eyelashes, a hot-pink sclera with a yellow gradient, and a large pie eye-cut pupil. When feeling homicidal, her eye gains black veins.

Her red-pink hair is kept into a slightly messy bob cut with a curl on each side, and a single light yellow streak located at the top. Her mouth has sharp light pale yellow teeth inside and black lips, and small hot-pink dots on each of the corners.

Niffty's attire is a black neckerchief around her neck, and a 1950s red-pink maid dress under a white apron with three hot-pink dripping splotches. She also wears long black gloves which covers most of her hands and arms, along with matching-colored tights.


In the pilot, her skin was light yellow and her hair appeared scruffier, with the single streak instead being a shade of amber. Her lips were also maroon.

Her attire, while still 1950s-themed, instead consisted of a burgundy neckerchief, a white blouse with three hot-pink dripping splotches, and a red-pink swing skirt which featured a 50s-fashionable dark burgundy poodle with yellow dots. Her gloves and tights were instead the same color as the poodle print on her skirt.


Niffty is hyper, spontaneous, and agile, being very quick on her feet. She is easily entertained, easily distracted, and easily excitable. She dislikes when there is a mess in any room, and has a fixation on men in general.[note 1]

However, she appears to only like "bad boys", including a brief obsession with Sir Pentious. This ends in her kicking him in frustration after he apologizes and decides to seek redemption at the hotel. She isn't afraid to get dirty, and enjoys cleaning everyone's messes with a gleeful, yet creepy charm.[7]

She becomes very focused on things she is ordered to do, such as in "The Show Must Go On" when she was told to stab angels and obsessively stabbed every angel she could, including Adam, whom she managed to kill. She had also briefly attempted to stab "Angel" Dust when Charlie asks Niffty to stab an angel (as in Heaven's angels) if she sees one before the battle. When interviewed for 666 News, Niffty said, quote, "Charlie told me to stab, so I did".

She is shown to enjoy violence, as she was very ecstatic to be thrown into a warzone as part of Vaggie's trust training, and afterwards stated she enjoyed when Sir Pentious was being hit with a severed arm. Despite all of her twistedness, she does have some kind of standards for how she views who is "bad" as she outrightly berates Sir Pentious for not being a bad boy when he was apologizing for trying to kill everyone.

She appears to have masochistic tendencies, shown when she liked the pain from falling off a stage and then repeated jumping off. She is also implied to be sadistic, stating her desire to "punish" people in a BDSM dungeon. She even outright states that she kills mother-bugs in front of their baby bugs as a form of lesson.

She is also shown to suffer from camera shyness, as whenever a camera begins filming her she goes into a state of hypnotic trance where she doesn't move, blink, or speak, just stares at the camera until recording is done.

Niffty has an extreme case of obsessive compulsive disorder, constantly cleaning the Hotel and obsession with ridding any bugs she sees to the point she would bring out a knife just to kill them. Even when taken outside of the Hotel, she constantly attempts to clean any mess, even in the sex club Cherri Bomb takes her and the other staff and residents to for drinks. When Angel Dust calls her a mess for her obsessive cleaning and attempted theft of cleaning supplies, she breaks down crying until Angel calms her down.

She collects things like hair or fur from men she is obsessed with, such as when she tore off a piece of Valentino's collar fur to keep for her "collection".

In the pilot, she has shown to have traditional and stereotypical view on gender roles, which she is aware are potentially offensive.


  • Immortality - As a Sinner, Niffty is biologically immortal, being unable to die from illnesses and unable to age, remaining the same age as when she died, thus can not die of old age and other natural causes. She also cannot die from any kind of damage to the body, and will recover from any injury, however, she can only be permanently killed with angelic weaponry.
  • Fire immunity - When Alastor summoned Niffty from the Hotel's fireplace, she was entirely unaffected by the fire. When she and Sir Pentious were baking cookies, Niffty was unaffected by being inside the oven.
  • Speed and agility - Niffty is capable of rushing to her desired locations easily and is able to make her way around her surroundings with little to no effort.
  • Water resistance - Niffty was clogged in the toilet and didn't suffer from being submerged in toilet water.
  • Holy power resistance - When she was hit by Adam's holy light beam, she appeared fine shortly afterwards, albeit had smoke coming off of her.
  • High pain tolerance - Niffty can handle dubious amount of pain and shrug it off as if it is nothing, even seemingly enjoying it.


  • Jack of all trades - Niffty is shown to be talented in a handful of ways. She excels at cleaning, cooking, and sewing, and outside of work she spends time reading and writing fanfiction.[2] She also can play the tambourine and guitar.[8]
  • Bilingualism- Niffty can speak both English and Japanese fluently.[9]
  • Melee proficiency - She is seen using needles and knives as weapons on occasions.


  • Needles - Niffty owns several sewing needles, one of which is a big, stiletto-like needle, to individually stab every bug she sees.
  • Knives - Niffty has a knife that she uses to cook and kill bugs.
  • Angelic dagger - Charlie gave Niffty an angelic dagger to stab any Exorcist she sees in "The Show Must Go On". This was the murder weapon in Adam's murder courtesy of Niffty.


Concept and Creation[]


Niffty's original design

Niffty was originally intended to be a character that would feature in Vivziepop's then-running webcomic, ZooPhobia, as part of the "Angels and Demons" arc.

Vivziepop eventually realized that the collection of misfit demons she had designed to appear within the comic had the potential for their own self-contained story, and shifted them, including Niffty, over to the first draft of what would eventually become Hazbin Hotel.[10][11][12]

Niffty's design and theming has changed very little over the course of her development. Only her sewing needle motif seems to have become less prevalent through later illustrations, and her patterning eventually simplified for later animation in the pilot.

Niffty is themed around bugs and B-movie aliens, matching her 1950s kitsch aesthetic. Vivziepop cites the song "One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater" as in influence when designing her.[13]


  • Her name alludes to the word "nifty" which means "to be particularly good (at something)".
  • Vivziepop describes Niffty as a crazy wild card and "grosser than you'd think", comparing her to Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in that she would sleep in a cupboard full of dead rats.[14][6]
  • Vivziepop said that, although she had yet to lock down all of the characters' races and ethnicities, she had been writing Niffty with a mind to her being Japanese. This was originally due to Niffty's pilot voice actress being able to speak Japanese fluently.[15]
  • Niffty can play the tambourine and guitar.[8]
  • Faustisse thinks that Niffty likes anyone who is a man. They emphasized that Niffty is not very smart and that when she sees a man she instantly likes him.[note 1]
    • This may be a common case with men she meets that she considers as "bad boys".
  • Vivziepop thinks that Niffty would read fanfiction and that she would also write fanfiction about people she knows in real life.[2]
  • According to Faustisse, Niffty is not a hopeless romantic, but she would be hopeless in her romantic life.[note 3]
  • Faustisse has also mentioned that she is not very bright,[note 4] which Alastor acknowledges,[note 5] and that Husk finds her to be annoying, although he remains very patient with her.[note 6]
  • Niffty is one of the few characters that Alastor is comfortable to be touched by.
  • Niffty seems to have two tear ducts on either side of her eye, so she has two streams of tears instead of one when she cries.
  • Niffty is currently the shortest character of the main cast.
    • Despite this, her pilot voice actor, Michelle Marie, was ironically the tallest of the pilot voice cast.
  • According to the "Clocktower Countdown to Premiere" livestream, Niffty is the only straight character in the Hotel.[4]
  • Vivziepop has mentioned listening to a lot of Taylor Swift music to get into Niffty's mindset sometimes,[5] likely referring to when writing or developing the character.


  • Niffty was originally intended to have antennae that appeared whenever she became excited, but they were removed as superfluous. Vivziepop is unsure if they will be added back in at some point in the future.[13]


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