Hazbin Hotel Staff


Alastor and Niffty are acquainted with each other, as shown in the pilot. When asked if Alastor and Niffty knew each other before the hotel and what relationship they have, Vivziepop said that she can't really get into it a lot; it is implied, however, that Niffty is in awe of Alastor's abilities due to smiling at him while he uses his powers and closely following behind Alastor when he returned back to the hotel.

According to Faustisse, when asked about what Alastor thinks of Niffty his response was that he finds her adorable and endearing, but also stupid.[note 1]


Husk is Niffty's co-worker at the Happy Hotel. Husk is very patient with Niffty and they do get along with each other. Though, according to Faustisse, Husk also finds her somewhat annoying.[note 2]

Charlie Magne

Though Niffty and Charlie are co-workers at the hotel, the two have yet to interact in the show, aside from Niffty picking her up.


Niffty and Vaggie are co-workers at the hotel. Niffty ignores Vaggie pointing a spear at her as she desperately looks for men and continues to tidy up the hotel. They have yet to properly interact in the show.


Angel Dust

Although they haven't had much interaction so far, Niffty becomes acquainted with Angel in the pilot, already considering him one of her new friends. She mistakes him for a woman, due to his feminine appearance.


In an early version of Hazbin Hotel, Mimzy was written to be Niffty's best friend,[1] though this might have been changed.


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