Octavia is Stolas's daughter and a minor character in Helluva Boss.


An adolescent avian demon, Octavia is lanky and unkempt with a coat of gray feathers. She has a pink stripe around her neck with a white stripe in the center, giving it a choker-like appearance. Her eyes are also pink with bright pupils, while below the eyes are three tear-like streaks. Octavia bears traits from both of her parents: she has her father's white mask-like face and light pupils with her mother's shaggy, scruffy hair feathers with yellow at the end, giving them an ombre. For clothing, Octavia wears a pink glittery dress, a dark feather shawl around her shoulders, pink arm warmers with stars on them, and a pale tiara along with a black beanie hat.


Not much is known about her personality. However, it does show that she rather has a serious personality because she finds Loo-Loo Land a "shameless ripoff" of Lucifer's far more popular theme park Loo-Loo World. It does show that she doesn't really like ripoffs.[1]



Stolas is Octavia's father. Not much is known about their relationship outside of being biologically related. However it shown that he kind of the "dorky dad" type around since he took her to Loo-Loo Land which she find childish.[1]


Octavia has currently yet to interact with Blitzo in the show. It is unconfirmed if she knows of his affair with her father or not.





  • She was first revealed on Genevieve Tsai's Instagram, which previously stated her name was Natasha.[2]
    • Her current name was later revealed on Vivziepop's Patreon.
  • According to @daddy_hoothoot (Stolas instagram account), Octavia is the one who suggested to her father to have an instagram account.[3]
    • She is also the one who took his first picture for the account.
  • She has a British accent like her father. [1]


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