Overlords are a class of powerful Demons in Hell. Overlords are above Sinner Demons and place fifth in terms of power in Hell's hierarchy.[1]

The concept of Overlords was first introduced in the pilot of Hazbin Hotel during the scene where Vaggie explains Alastor's origins.


The Overlords are considered so powerful that they rule over certain parts of Hell and have an infamous reputation for doing so. Despite having the same social status, not all Overlords get along with each other, some either like or are indifferent to one another.

Known Overlords


  • When asked if Stolas was a fellow Overlord, Viv stated that he is part of a separate hierarchal ranking which she refers to as "the Goetia Demons".[2]
  • Some Overlords appear to represent a form of media. Examples of such cases being Alastor with radio, Vox with television, Valentino with pornography, or Velvet with social media.
  • When Vaggie explains Alastor's origins, there are a total of eleven demons, although it is unknown if there are more.
  • According to Faustisse, Alastor has no interest in being an Overlord since power is not what he really desires.[note 1] Despite this, he is still regarded as an Overlord by technicality.
  • In the unofficial Voxtagram stories, Vox, Valentino, and Velvet, are a special Overlord triumvirate called the VVV Overlords[3], who all have initials starting with a V and have something to do with one form of media. The group regularly hang out together and that Velvet seems to be the glue that binds the other two together. Whether this subset is canon or not in the actual series is unconfirmed.





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