The Pride Ring is the first and top-most ring of Hell. It is where numerous cities such as Pentagram City are located. Sinners are confined to this ring and are not able to traverse across the other rings.[1]

Known Locations


  • The realm is likely alluding to the Nine Circles that was briefly mentioned in the series's pilot, which itself originates from Dante Alighieri's Inferno. While presented as the top ring in Hazbin Hotel, the Ring of Pride is never mentioned in Inferno. In addition, the first ring is said to be limbo.
  • It is currently unknown if sinners can't physically exist outside of the Pride Ring or they are just not allowed in the other rings.
  • In the Helluva Boss pilot, Hell, or at the very least, the Pride Ring, is shown to have oxygen as Eddie was able to breathe fine during his stay at the I.M.P. office.
  • The sky in this Ring is seen to be red, as opposed to the other Rings having different colored skies.


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