"I don't know, Martha. But whatever it is... They're gonna be tomorrow night's dinner!"
―Ralphie, getting his gun ready to hunt

Ralphie is the supporting antagonist of the Helluva Boss episode, "Murder Family".


Ralphie is a muscular man with light brown hair and eyebrows with a white strand in the back of his hair. His eyes appear to be closed most of the time. He also has a golden tooth.

He wears a plaid red shirt with blue jeans.


Just like his family, Ralphie is a happy man to the public, but he is actually a homicidal maniac who worships Satan.


Shortly after his and Martha's failed "ritual" with the imps that results in Martha's death, Ralphie rushes back home. Once reunited with his children, they are held at gunpoint by Moxxie; however, Moxxie chooses to spare them and calls the police to give the family a chance at life. The local authorities then arrive, but instead of apprehending them, a police helicopter fires a missile at the house, annihilating the house with the family still inside, to Moxxie's horror.



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