Razzle and Dazzle are Charlie's dolls that were brought to life by her father who were then given the task of becoming her personal bodyguards.


Both goats have similar red fur, long black and red horns, yellow eyes with red irises, and similar suits. Razzle's eyes are reptilian-like with thin vertical pupils while Dazzle's eyes are larger, with his pupils being round and circular. Both also possess dragon-like wings, and their tails are long with a tuft of fur at the end of each. Their "hands" have close resemblance hooves, and their cheeks have pink spots, as well as what appear to be freckles located beside their eyes. Razzle has a snake-like tongue while Dazzle's seems like a normal tongue.

Razzle's hair is a light shade of red, while the stripe going down his snout is darker red in coloration, whereas Dazzle's hair is dark red and his snout stripe is a lighter shade of red.


According to Vivienne, they have distinct personalities, with one being much more goofy than the other.[1] There are, however, similar traits they seem to share as well, including being mischievous and loyal to Charlie, and logically to the rest of her family. They also may have a sweet tooth, as they are first seen enjoying doughnuts together.



  • According to VivziePop, Razzle and Dazzle are modelled after plushies.[citation needed]
  • According to VivziePop, Razzle and Dazzle both have a full demon form when angered, or when someone harms/tries to harm Charlie, though it is yet to be revealed.[2]
  • They can play musical instruments such as the harp, piano, bagpipes, xylophones, accordions, and guitars.[citation needed]


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