Roo is an upcoming character in Hazbin Hotel.


Roo appears to be a demon with pale white complexion and flame-like black hair with red ends. Her eyes have red sclerae and white irises. Additionally, she also wears burgundy eyeshadow. She has what looks like black veins in her neck, which, along with her arms, are shown to be shackled and enchained. She wears a large, black, wide brimmed fedora with white banding and a checkered under-brim, together with a red open trench coat and an under shirt that also has a checkered design. The first depiction of her shows her having a bizarre and eldritch-looking tongue.


  • She was first revealed in a doodle from Vivziepop on October 19, 2019. In her tweet, she mentioned that there is no character that she is more excited to get into than Roo, but she also mentioned that it's gonna be a long time.[1]


  1. Vivienne's Tweet. October 29, 2019

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