Rosie is an upcoming character with some affiliation with Alastor.


Not much is known about Rosie aside from the fact that she is an overlord and is one of the most powerful demons in Hell.

However, from what is seen in the pilot it seems that she owns an emporium. In the opening of the pilot, Rosie is seen crossing out the name "Franklin" from the emporium's sign since Franklin more than likely perished from the extermination and was subsequently eaten by Rosie's minions afterward.



Rosie has been seen with Alastor in some concept art and has been stated to have connections with Alastor, but they have yet to interact with each other onscreen.


  • Vivziepop says Rosie and Alastor's relationship is similar to Mary and Jack's relationship from Mary Poppins Returns.[1]
  • Vivziepop mentioned in her Vivzie Streem #9 live stream that she can't give information on Rosie because it's a heavy spoiler and also because she is an important character and is important to the plot.



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