Rosie is the co-owner of Rosie's Emporium and is one of the many Overlords in Hell.


Rosie is a slender demon with pale white skin, sharp white teeth and a really long neck. She sports short hair though it could be tied up under the hat and, similar to Alastor, she is always smiling. She wears a red dress with gray shoulder pads, a black belt, and black wrists. Her red sun hat has two skulls and three black flowers on the front side with a large red and black plume on the top side.


Faustisse describes Rosie’s personality as gentle and elegant.[1] She likens her to the character Dolly Levi from the movie Hello, Dolly![2]


  • Vivziepop says Rosie and Alastor's relationship is similar to Mary and Jack's relationship from Mary Poppins Returns.[3]
  • Vivzie's headcanon voice actor for her would be Barbara Streisand from Hello, Dolly!.
  • Faustisse confirmed that there will be a duet with Rosie and Alastor in one of the future episodes of Hazbin Hotel.
  • According to Faustisse, Rosie is a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of power when compared to the other overlords.[4]
  • According to Faustisse, Rosie never died, suggesting that she was born in hell.[5]



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