"It doesn't count if they don’t find the booooody~"
―Sallie May to Millie

Sallie May is Millie's sister and one of the two daughters of Lin and Joe. She is a minor character who made her debut in "The Harvest Moon Festival".


Sallie May is a rather tall Imp, roughly around the same height as Blitzo. She has a white streak over the eye that shows and long dark hair like her sister covering the other, though she has a splotch of white hair coming from beneath her red bandanna. Her horns are designed with thick white stripes like her father's.

She wears tan short shorts and matching heeled boots, along with ripped black leggings and a black crop top with various tears in them. In some shots, her shorts appear white, though it is unclear if this is simply a lighting difference.


Sallie May is implied to be just as cheerful and violent as her sister. She is also shown to be relatively snarky, most notably towards Moxxie.

According to herself, Sallie May is more careful to hide the bodies of people she's killed, unlike Millie. She also appears to be a bit more laid-back than Millie, as shown from the way she talks.


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  • According to her voice actress, Morgana Ignis, in a Twitter post, Sallie May is a transgender woman,[2] which was subsequently confirmed by the show's Twitter.[3]
    • This is also implied in her design as her horns have thicker stripes, which have only been generally seen on the male Imps in the show.
    • As shown in the model sheet of Sallie May and her siblings, she may not be the only one of Millie's siblings to be transgender, as one of the brothers has the horns common of a female Imp but the hair color and body structure of a male Imp[1]; in the episode itself, however, his horns are that of the male Imp variant.
  • She shares the same voice actor as the Catfish Monster, with both of them being voiced by Morgana Ignis.



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