Sinner Demons, also known simply as Sinners, are a sub-species of Demons that were all once humans who have committed sins before they died, which results in them arriving in Hell as their punishment for the rest of their afterlife.[1]


Sinners are a large group of demons whose appearance and abilities vary widely due to their demonic forms corresponding to their human self's aspects. They are in the lower-middle levels of Hell's hierarchy, being above the three lowest tiers.[2] Sinners have known limitations that separate them from the natural Hellborn demons, for instance, all Sinners are confined to the Pride Ring and are unable to traverse through the other rings.[3] Furthermore, Sinners are the only known species of Demon that are unable to reproduce, as part of their punishment.[4] Aging of the Sinner is also suspended once they are turned into demons and remain the same age as when they have died (ex: Alastor died in his 30s, so he will remain this age for the rest of eternity in Hell). Although they are the souls of dead sinners, these demons are shown to still consume food and the like which suggests that their bodies still need the intake in order to survive.

Despite these setbacks, Sinners have the rare privilege to change their social status by gaining power, either by making deals with stronger demons and/or taking power by force.[5] Those who have accumulated enough power with these deals can "level up"[6] and rise to the next class in the hierarchy, the Overlords.

Known Sinner Demons





There is no true extent to a Sinner's appearance, since it mostly is made based on the soul in question. Usually, a human's demon form is influenced by the human's soul, sins or crimes.[7][8] An example being Angel Dust and his family: since he was in the mafia, he and his family members who are with him in Hell are spider demons, because of their 'web' of crimes.[9] Sometimes, the form is influenced by the human's death, such as Lyle Lipton acquiring teeth akin to that of piano keys after being crushed to death by a falling piano.


Most, if not all, Sinners share the following traits:

  • Demon Transformation: A few Sinners have demonstrated the ability to transform into larger, stronger, and more demonic alternate forms, as shown by Alastor and Killjoy.
  • Summoning: Sinners can summon elements, objects, and even assistance one way or another. Examples of this are Alastor being able to summon an army of shadow creatures and Cherri Bomb being able to summon bombs out of nowhere.
  • Longevity: Sinners do not age, and thus do not die of old age and most of the other natural causes that kill humans. However, they can still be killed once they are hit with any of the Exorcists' weapons.[10][11]
  • Enhanced durability: Since Sinners are already the dead souls of humans, they are highly resilient, and cannot die via damage to the body or earth-borne illnesses. When a Sinner is damaged or hurt in an extreme way (ex: being crushed by a piece of rubble), they will not die from it.[12] However, there are things that can injure or incapacitate a demon, Sinner or Hellborn, that being infected by Hell's own diseases and the like[13][14] or if a demon is struck by an Exorcist's blade.[15]
  • Unique abilities: Whereas Hellborn Demons have specific powers attributed to their species, Sinners are offered a larger selection of abilities that varies by individual. These range from Alastor's wide arsenal of powers, Angel's ability to sense storms and jump really high, or Husk's ability to fly.


  • According to artist Faustisse, all demons can transform when enraged or when in combat.[note 1]
  • The creature that each Sinner is turned into when they become demons are associated with their human life, or as Viv puts it, individual reflections of their souls.[8] Because of this, their appearances are actually not randomized as many fans have speculated.
  • When Sinners arrive at Hell, they make up their own name that they are known for as demons. However, Alastor is excluded since he dislikes giving himself any sort of nickname.[16]
  • Since Demons theoretically cannot die via natural causes, such as Earth-based illnesses and overdosing, Sinners are able to consume amounts that would be lethal to humans without any risk of dying.
    • This is shown in both Angel Dust and Husk as both are able to consume vast amounts of drugs and alcohol without any threat of death.
      • However, this does not mean that there are no negative side effects, as Loona makes clear demons can still get hangovers.
  • According to Vivziepop, Sinners have alternate forms if ever they were sent to Heaven.[note 2]
  • According to Faustisse, a human's voice changes when they are transformed into Sinner demons, possibly into whatever fits proper.[note 3]
    • Despite this being said, it is not the case with Mrs. Mayberry onwards, since she and the other Sinners retained their human voices even after they went to Hell.
  • It is revealed in "C.H.E.R.U.B" that sinners have a different smell from Hellborn Demons, as Blitzo was able to figure out that Loopty had just been sent to Hell recently judging by his scent.


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