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"Those other cowardly sinners dare not hinder my territorial takeover! A wise decision! The power of my machines are unmatched! No other demon can compare to the likes of I!."
―Sir Pentious bragging about himself.

Sir Pentious is an inventor and the secondary antagonist of Hazbin Hotel. His goal is to conquer Hell using his machines and army of Egg Bois.


Sir Pentious is a snake demon with eyes that have red sclera with black, narrow pupils. His cobra hood is mostly yellow, with the tips being black. He has 4 pink eye patterns on his hood. He has a long neck.

Sir Pentious wears a black and yellow bow tie, a yellow shirt with a pink eye on it, and a coat which is grey with yellow vertical stripes. He wears black fingerless gloves on his hands and has sharp, pink claws. Sir Pentious's tail is black with thick, yellow stripes, and many pink eyes are present on his tail. He also wears a top hat which, just like him, has sharp, yellow teeth and a pink eye. The top hat seems to be alive, as it blinks and changes expressions in unison with Sir Pentious.


Sir Pentious is bombastic, flamboyant, short-tempered, temperamental, and persistent, having the personality one would expect from an old school 60s villain. He takes exaggerated pride in how evil and cunning he is (or thinks he is); at one point he even outright declares: "I'm so evil!".

As noted by Angel Dust, Sir Pentious is oblivious to sexual innuendos. This is due to the fact he's from the late 19th century when sexual innuendos and sex jokes weren't really a thing.


Natural Abilities

  • Venomous Bite: Like Angel Dust, he has the ability to poison his victims with his bite that can cause them to fall ill.[3]
  • Constriction: Sir Pentious is able to constrict his victims with his tail as shown in the pilot when he squeezed one of the Egg Bois. Even saying in his plan to take over Hell that no one would be able to escape from his constrictive grasp.


  • Inventing: Sir Pentious possesses a wide intellect of inventing new weapons, machinery, and the likes.
    • Machine Creation: Sir Pentious has shown to have created a vast collection of machines.
  • Weapon Mastery: Sir Pentious is able to use his inventions and machinery to his advantage, he was skilled enough to slam Angel Dust to the ground by grappling him with a chain, although he can still be easily defeated by stronger opponents like Alastor.

Unique Abilities

  • Multiple Eyes: Sir Pentious has eyes scattered across his body which allows him to see in different directions.
    • Hypnosis: Sir Pentious is able to hypnotize his victims with the eyes on his hood.[4]



  • The shortened version of his name, Sir Pent, is a play on the word "serpent".
    • His name might also be derived from the word "pretentious", which means "attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc. than is actually possessed".
    • It may also invoke the word "pentagram", seeing as it is a common symbol within Hell.
  • During a stream, it is mentioned that he has a crush, although it is not mentioned who.[2]
  • When asked if Sir Pentious has established sexuality, Vivziepop said that she has not decided, and as of right now it's not story relevant, but he may be bisexual.[2]
    • However, she also said that this information could change in the future.
  • VivziePop has stated that there was a line for Sir Pentious that was scrapped. This line was, "I'm quite the epic dabber!", which would elicit an audible, embarrassed reaction from his army of Egg Bois.[5]
    • Vivizepop confirmed that they cut it because it was too bad to actually use, but she did confirm that Will Stamper and Joe Gran did record the line.[6]
  • According to Vivziepop, Sir Pentious was originally supposed to be a one-off, minor character, as he was supposed to be the villain just for the pilot only. But he grew on Vivienne and the Hazbin Hotel fans so much that she decided to give him a bigger role in the series.[2]
  • He was originally supposed to be a fallen supervillain, but this was later changed during production.
  • Viv has admitted that Sir Pentious is super goofy but has moments of being a really good, evil villain and Viv is very interested to see what the fans will do about that.[7]
  • Like Angel Dust, Sir Pentious has a venomous bite that can make his victim either sick or drugged.[3][8]
    • Despite having a venomous bite, it is deemed to be more of a last resort during conflict.[3]
  • Sir Pentious can hold, squeeze, and throw things with his tail as shown in the pilot when he held one of the Egg Bois even squeezing him and throwing him.
  • In a fight, Sir Pentious would prioritize the use of machines, weaponry, and his army of Egg Bois, as he isn't skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • According to VivziePop, another character helped Sir Pentious in the creation of the Egg Bois.[9]
  • Sir Pentious's introduction in the Pilot episode of Hazbin Hotel during the report references the "How do you do, fellow kids?" meme, with Sir Pentious pulling the same expression and holding a skateboard as Steve Buscemi in the original meme. This could be a reference to Sir Pent attempting to "fit in" due to Cherri's "old man" comments.
    • During the 666 news, the screen showing Sir Pentious in hipster skateboard attire is a direct reference to the 30 Rock episode "The Tuxedo Begins".
    • The news segment also suggests that his hat isn't permanent, as in the picture it is a baseball cap rather than Sir Pentious's usual top hat.
    • When asked how often he uses his skateboard, Vivziepop said that the skateboard was 100% just for show and she doesn't think he can actually ride it.[10]
  • In the pilot, he is implied to have a son when he mistakes Angel for his son when the latter taunts him. According to Vivziepop, however, this was meant for the sake of the joke and has been left ambiguous.[4]
  • In the Helluva Boss episode "Murder Family", a drawing of Sir Pentious can be seen tacked to the wall of the I.M.P. office which is used as one of the targets for Moxxie to shoot with his crossbow.
  • Much like Alastor, Sir Pentious is against the idea of modern technology.[note 1]


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