"No other demon can compare to the likes of I!"
―Sir Pent, on trying to take over Hell
"Pardon?! Who said that?! What did you just say to me, you fried chicken fetuses?! Speak up!"
―Sir Pent, after hearing Cherri Bomb call him an edgelord, then mistaking it as an outburst from the Egg Bois
"Oh! You wanna go, Missy? Well, I'm happy to oblige! Aah ha ha!"
―Sir Pent, to Cherri Bomb
"You whores have no class! In war, the side remembered is the side with the most style~"
―Sir Pent, to Cherri Bomb and Angel Dust
"Oh, well, that's none of your goddamn business, now is it?"
―Sir Pent, to Cherri Bomb and Angel Dust, when asked if his hat was alive
"I'm going to blow you to bits!"
―Sir Pent, to Angel Dust
"Oh, not like that, pervert!"
―Sir Pent, to Angel Dust
"Not so cocky now, are we?!"
―Sir Pent, after restraining Angel Dust
"We meet yet again, Alastor!"
―Sir Pent, to Alastor
"NYAHAHA! I'm so evil!"
―Sir Pent, about himself
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