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"Y’all ready to get fucked up and make some bitchin’ bad choices?!"
Verosika, hyping up the audience during her concert

Spring Broken is the third episode of the first season of Helluva Boss. It premiered on January 31, 2021 on Vivziepop's YouTube channel.[1]


When Blitzo's ex-girlfriend steals his favorite parking spot, he will do whatever it takes to get the spot back, but things sure do happen.


The episode opens with Blitzo driving to work in the company van, with Loona in the front seat and Millie and Moxxie in the back. Blitzo is poorly singing along to the song Mustang Dong which blasts from the speakers, discomforting Loona and Moxxie. Upon arrival at the parking lot behind the building, Blitzo is about to park in the one remaining spot when another car cuts in front of him and takes it. Leaning out of the window, Blitzo begins shouting through a megaphone at the car's driver about how they have three seconds to get out of his parking spot, before he recognizes the front seat passenger, Verosika Mayday, a pop star and his ex-girlfriend.

After the two exchange insults she reveals since she’s freelancing with another more successful company in the building for Spring break that week, she’s stealing their spot, mostly out of spite due to their nasty breakup, which apparently was in part caused by Blitzo running off and leaving her with the bill for the hotel room while he stole her car to run it around three rings and max out her credit cards on horse riding lessons.

When Blitzo tries to angrily protest, he’s interrupted and intimidated by Verosika's Hellhound, Vortex. After Verosika and Vortex walk away, the rest of the company are all dumbfounded at the fact he dated a pop star - questioning if it was before she became famous or if there’s something wrong with her. Blitzo ordered everyone to drop it and tells Millie to find a temporary parking spot as Moxxie and Loona follow him inside.

Loona begins worrying about Verosika and Vortex possibly seeing her because she did her makeup "shitty" that day; despite Blitzo reassuring her that it's fine. As Loona uses a pocket mirror to check it and accidentally bumps into Vortex. Blitzo then gets between them after seeing her romantic interest in him, and he discovers Verosika rented office space on the same floor as I.M.P. due to there being no room on the second floor. Moxxie enters Verosika's office to try to reason with her and her fellow succubi demon posse, but they take on full demonic forms to sexually assault him.

Angered, Blitzo storms into Verosika's office to challenge her. Since Spring Break in the mortal world is prime time for crime, he bets that I.M.P can kill more targets than the succubi can have sex with by the end of the day, a challenge that Verosika accepts.

Cutting to I.M.P's meeting room, Blitzo explains his plan, which consists of finding lots of clients, taking the portal up to the mortal world and going on a rampage, piling the corpses into a canoe, lighting it on fire before pushing it out to sea for sharks and maybe a goose to eat, and win the bet which they rub it in Verosika's face.

Blitzo asks if anyone has questions, and Moxxie remarks that his description of the plan was nonsensical, which Blitzo brushes off as not being a question, before the two start quarreling, taking turn insulting one another.

Loona then interrupts them to asks if she can join them on this job. Blitzo initially rejects saying Spring Break is no place for vulnerable goth girls, reminding her of all the human freaks who would drool all over her - leading to a fourth wall break where everyone looks at the camera with accusatory glares. Loona then points out that she can blend in with the humans, since she has a human disguise, which surprises everyone, leaving Loona to angrily realize they’ve been operating in the mortal world undisguised the whole time.

Before she can say anything more, Bitzo then comes up with a new plan where Loona lures targets to them and they take care of the rest. Moxxie then points out the biggest hole in Blitzo's plan: they need at least one client who is willing to pay for enough kills to win the bet and Blitzo states that he has it covered. Blitzo attaches a flyer advertising a Spring Break discount to a power pole. Moxxie says there is no way one poorly spelt, bad grammar flyer is going to win the bet, when a crowd stretching down the street forms a line in front of it. Blitzo elbows Moxxie about the plans success, before asking the crowd who is first.

It then cuts to the mortal world, where I.M.P hides under a pier on a beach with a Spring Break party. Blitzo goes over a few last minute details of the plan, such as how they can't risk causing a panic with loose gunfire, and Loona assumes her magical human disguise. Blitzo comments that Loona looks awful disguised, and tells her to go to work. A montage of murders with Loona luring targets into side alleys for the others to kill is then shown, alongside other kills without her help. As Blitzo ties the knot on a bag with a corpse in it, Verosika dramatically arrives, taking over a concert stage to put on a show in human disguise, a persona she apparently adopts often enough that the crowd is familiar with her.

As Verosika sings, her fellow disguised succubi begin seducing and initiating sex with people in the crowd, and Blitzo angrily comments about the song and that they have to speed up if they want to win. He asks Loona if a beachgoer vomiting near them is on their list, and Loona who's distracted says that he is. Blitzo goes to kill him, as he turns around and mistake him for a leprechaun, which Blitzo jokingly agrees with, before killing him. As he turns to ask Loona to find the next target, he realizes that she has disappeared. Asking where his "baby" has gone, Millie sees that she has gone to talk to Vortex, who is also disguised and acting as stage security for Verosika, causing Blitzo to become angry and protective.

Making her way through the crowd, she goes to talk with Vortex, but he knocks out a member of the crowd who attempts to rush the stage, and drags them away. As Loona goes to follow him, one of the disguised lust demons named Josh begins trying to seduce her, but it has little to no effect on her, and she ends his pursuit by punching him in the face. Verosika then tosses a hip-flask full of Hell made alcohol into the crowd, but it bounces off course and ends up in the ocean, where it begins demonically mutating a fish into a monster. Loona finally reaches Vortex, awkwardly introducing herself, and Vortex recognizes her as working for Blitzo; Loona apologizes for that if it's weird but says that it's cool since he isn't paid enough to care or get involved in Verosika's feud with him. Loona awkwardly flirts with him, before Blitzo interrupts them, and gets into an argument with Vortex. Moxxie complains that Blitzo has been distracted from the mission, and they conclude that it's up to him and Millie to finish out the hit list, and they leave the beach to kill targets who are in buildings along the waterfront.

Loona tells Blitzo to leave before he gets them caught, but Blitzo asks her to get back to work, and Loona asks if she isn't entitled to breaks. Blitzo says that there's a parking space on the line, before Vortex tells him to relax, and Blitzo tells him to stay out of it. Loona asks if he can stay out of her face for five minutes; Blitzo responds by demanding respect as her adoptive father, and Loona asks what does it matter saying that Blitzo isn't her real father and she was almost eighteen when he adopted her. Blitzo says that it counts anyway, which Loona disagrees with, telling him she didn't need him then and she doesn't need him now.

It then cuts back to Millie and Moxxie, as the pair hide on a table of kegs and prepare to take out a target with a crossbow. A drunk party goer then flips the table, sending them flying into the crowd. Moxxie is then mistaken for a possum by the drunken crowd and stuffed into one of the kegs, where he involuntarily swallows a lot of the beer. As the crowd with the keg rushes past, Loona feels guilty and tries to apologize to Blitzo for her outburst. Blitzo tells her to enjoy her break and that he is going to go kill something.

Vortex then asks if Loona is alright as what she did was savage, and compliments her for sticking up for herself. It then cuts to Millie, who has found the keg Moxxie was stuffed into abandoned by the crowd. Tipping it over, a drunk Moxxie spills out with what's left of the beer, and asks Millie where she got four heads, and that he wants to kiss them. The now monsterous fish that had the hip-flask spilt on it then rises out of the ocean, mutated with legs and now the size of a three story building. The fish makes easy prey of the drunken and care-free Moxxie, grabbing him with it's tongue and seemingly swallows him. Millie then stabs a party goer and takes his towel and drink, using them to make a fire bottle which she throws at the monster fish.

The monster fish falls over into the surf, and Millie swims out to it, using her knife to climb up to it's mouth which she pries open. There she finds Moxxie clinging to its uvula to avoid being swallowed, but as she reaches for him he merely responds with a confused high-five, before she manages to grabs him and cuts him free from its tongue. Moxxie gets tossed out, and Blitzo catches him back on the beach. Millie, who is still in the monster fish's mouth, gets it to spit her out by punching its wounded tongue, before clambering to its face. Moxxie drunkenly declares his love for Millie, and Blitzo mockingly remarks that he think Moxxie would let Millie peg him. Millie using the monster's movement to springboard herself into the air, diving back into the monster's mouth and into its throat, then cuts it open from the inside, killing it.

Millie swims back to shore, asking Blitzo if Moxxie is OK. Blitzo tells her he's fine, before dropping him. They are then approached by Verosika and the other succubi, who backhandedly compliment them on how obviously they handled the monster fish. Millie then tosses Verosika her hip-flask, telling her how bad it would look if they revealed she was behind the monster fish. Verosika then points out they would also get in trouble for being undisguised, when Moxxie says he was mistaken for a possum, and he's not a possum. Blitzo then says he won't mention anything about her involvment in the monster fish if they let him use the parking space, which Verosika begrudgingly agrees to. Blitzo begins celebrating and rubbing their victory in Verosika's face, and she calls to Vortex that they're leaving. Vortex tells Loona that he's got to go, but gives her his number, saying that his girlfriend throws great parties. Loona becomes disappointed upon hearing Vortex mention that he already has a girlfriend, seemingly shutting down her hopes of pursuing him romantically, but she still seems willing to go along with his offer of friendship and party invitation.

Blitzo then tells Loona to come over so they can park their car in their space, and the Imps and Hellhound go back to Hell through a portal on the ground. As Verosika leaves the beach, Blitzo pops back out of their portal, flipping her off, angering her. Verosika and her group then leave the beach for the foreshore, where they are surrounded by police plus one clown, and Verosika tells the rest of the group to get ready to have to engage in a lot of sexual bribery to get out of this predicament.





  • Beelzejuice
  • Blitzo's gun and megaphone
  • I.M.P. company van




View the episode's transcript here.


  • This is the first Helluva Boss episode to air in 2021.
  • The title of the episode is a play on words on the term "Spring Break".
    • Which hints at how the episode possibly takes place during Spring.
  • This marks the first episode for Stolas to not appear or be mentioned. The second being C.H.E.R.U.B.
  • The names of the rest of Verosika's crew and as well as some of the iconic humans are revealed in a tweet with their character reference sheets.[2]
  • Travis from Hazbin Hotel makes a cameo among the demon clients who are reading Blitzo's flyer.
    • Aside from Travis, the Impsonas that can be seen falling in line are from the following crew members respectively: Vivienne Medrano[3] (@Vivziepop), Areg Savchenko (@TheRegyman), Lidia Liu (@FluffyMilktea), Hunter (@hntrgurl13), Kressent Rhodes (@Tis_Not_Love), and Vic (@Garrts_).[4]
  • It is revealed that some demons have human disguises while in the living world. However, it is not clear if this is true for all demons or certain types of demons.
    • Loona and Verosika both imply that imps can also use human disguises and that the rest of the I.M.P team either has no knowledge on how to do so or simply never bothered to try.
  • It is revealed that Blitzo adopted Loona when she was nearing 18 years of age.
  • Blitzo mentions that the nearest body of water is three Rings below the Pride Ring.
  • Verosika tells Blitzo that one of his sisters says "Hi", implying either Barbie Wire or Tilla is currently in rehab and have been acquainted with Verosika during her stay there.
  • The shot of Blitzo killing off the blonde man is a callback to how Angel Dust killed a specific Egg Boi in the Hazbin Hotel pilot.
    • This is fitting, since Vivziepop has mentioned before that if he and Angel were to meet, they would get along nicely.
  • The poster in the background of the I.M.P office that used to showcase the three Imp siblings is now changed to just "The Imp Twins" with Tilla nowhere to be seen. This is currently no explanation for this change.
    • This confirms that Blitzo and Barbie Wire are twins.
  • Just like all the released episodes of 2021, this has scenes shown in the trailer for season 1, to which some shots were improved.
    • The episode has the most scenes shown in the trailer as well.
  • As part of the STEAMY HOT merchandise sale for Valentine's Day 2021, one of the limited edition items was a Verosika’s Hell Tour shirt.[5] The rear of the shirt listed information about Verosika’s tour, including tour cities (sometimes specifying venues) and corresponding dates. A look at the shirt indicates that the final concert of the tour was held in Florida, USA on March 22nd 2021. Since Spring Broken takes place during spring in the mortal world, it makes it plausible that the episode takes place then, with the parts of the episode in the mortal world having taking place in Florida. However, it is currently not known whether the information listed on the shirt is canonical.
  • This is the first episode in which Loona visits the living world alongside Blitzo and the gang.
  • It is possible that this episode was initially the fourth episode of the first season, as both "C.H.E.R.U.B" and "The Harvest Moon Festival" were referred to as the third and fifth episode in the description of Ashley Nichols's BLM Helluva Charity Stream hosted on June 10, 2020.
  • The gang break the fourth wall by glaring at the audience when discussing the “freaks who drool over” Loona, specifically the fans who sexualize her.

Cultural References

  • There is graffiti on the building that says "Sharpay Our Savior", which is a reference to High School Musical.
  • Millie remarks that Moxxie fantasizes sex with Michael Crawford while a note from a pipe organ plays. This is a reference to The Phantom of the Opera, a musical that starred Michael Crawford.
  • Millie makes the iconic jump sound effect from Super Mario Bros. when Blitzo tosses the van's keys to her.
  • Blitzo's nickname for Loona in this episode, "Loonie Tooney", is a reference to the animated series Looney Tunes.
  • The Shirt that Josh wears says "Burn Forest Burn" it's a reference to the 1994 film Forrest Gump and the iconic quote "Run Forrest, Run!"
  • The shirt Fish wears reads "Strange Seb Weirdovitch" which is a nod to Weird Al Yankovic's name.
  • The flask of Hell alcohol that mutates the fish into a monster is called Beelzejuice, which could be a play on words on Beetlejuice and Beelzebub.
  • One of the stores located on the street overlooking the beach is named "Dagon's Juice." Dagon is an ancient Semitic deity of agriculture and fishing, who was portrayed in artwork as a merman, human from the waist up with a fishtail instead of legs. This deity is likewise the namesake of one of the central gods and antagonists in H.P. Lovecraft's famed Cthulhu Mythos science-fantasy stories. The juice store is likely a reference towards the Lovecraftian character, given that the store's mascot is an anthropomorphic fish, not unlike the Dagon from Lovecraft's tales.
  • The boat 'Cum Gutter' from the plan Blitzo made is a reference to Rick and Morty.
  • The fish monster has bioluminescence design in reference to Pacific Rim (film).


  • Since Stolas is absent in this episode, the bleeping of certain curse words running gag that is usually associated with him is used on Blitzo instead.
  • Blitzo screams at Moxxie telling him to "not let them access any of his holes", which is a callback to Blitzo saying he "got a new hole" after being shot in the first episode.
  • This is the second time Vivziepop’s Impsona makes a cameo in a Helluva Boss episode.


  • Verosika's license plate briefly changes from saying "Suck-4-Life" to "Sucks-4-Life" before reverting to its initial spelling.
  • Millie briefly disappears during the scene wherein Blitzo exclaims he "wasted time dating a bag of holes like that".
  • The star pattern on Loona's tank top briefly disappears when she first bumps into Vortex.
  • Verosika's name that was spraypainted on top of I.M.P.'s over the parking spot floor was not present before she points out that it has her name on it.
  • The silhouette of Verosika's crew mate Milky is as tall as Coco's, even though Milky is shorter than all the other succubi.
  • The bruises and kiss marks on Moxxie's entire head only appear after he passes by Blitzo and not right after he exits Verosika's office.
  • The white marking on Blitzo's face is missing on the poster of him and Barbie Wire that can be seen in the backgrounds of the I.M.P office.
  • During the scene when Loona angrily yells at Blitzo, Moxxie, and Millie that they haven't been using human disguises, her tail is light gray like her hair, instead of being a dark bluish grey.
  • After Loona successfully lured some of their targets to kill off, Blitzo exclaims how they got "9 kills in the bag", though the montage only showed a total of 7 people being offed.
  • Just after Verosika makes her appearance on stage, the 7th victim (who was shot in the head) can be seen suddenly alive on the left side of the scene wearing a tube top instead of a bikini.
  • Verosika's second outfit suddenly changes with two separate arm sleeves instead of a one-sleeved ruffled top near at the end of the episode.
  • During the scene whererein Blitzo sees that Loona is no longer in her usual spot, she is seen about to catch up to Vortex, but in the following shot, she is seen to still be a few feet away from him.
  • During the scene wherein Verosika confronts Blitzo on how they defeated the monster fish, two of her crewmates, Josh and Kat, are missing the entire scene and only reappear once she and her team are captured by the police.
  • The black marking on the tip of Verosika's tail disappears and reappears throughout the episode.
  • The lashes pointing towards Verosika's mouth disappear for the rest of the episode after the first few scenes she is shown onscreen.
  • Despite them not wanting to be seen without disguises by humans, the rest of I.M.P are seen disposing of their targets’ bodies out in the open.