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William Andrew Stamper, most commonly known as Stamper, is an American voice actor, animator, web designer and game developer. He is the English voice actor for Sir Pentious. He is a member of a podcast called SleepyCabin along with Mick Lauer.


Stamper was a high school dropout. He worked small jobs until he eventually went to Newgrounds as an animator, game designer and voice actor.

After Newgrounds, he moved on to YouTube where he not only does animations but also live-action comedy. He lived in Pennsylvania with the SleepyCabin crew before moving to San Diego, then as of 2019, he now resides in Houston.


  • Stamper is known for his career in Newgrounds and YouTube as an animator and voice actor for games such as the narrator in Battleblock Theater.
  • His parents were police officers.
  • When he was younger, his first career path was to be a priest.
  • He along with Mick Lauer have created a company known as 'Sleepycabin' that hosted a weekly podcast series called 'Sleepycast'.
  • Stamper can rap well if given good material.
  • He loves to cook.
  • Halloween is his favorite holiday.

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