"You are a goddamn embarrassment!"
―Stella while arguing with Stolas

Stella is Stolas's wife, Octavia’s mother and a minor character in Helluva Boss.


Stella is a tall, white avian demon with curvaceous proportions. Stella has long, hair-like feathers that fade to grey at the tips and a large gray stripe on her head. She has a short pink beak, and long curved eyelashes. She has pink markings underneath the eyes, which are themselves red with light pupils. She wears a white dress with puffed sleeves and feather trimming, along with black accents. She is seen wearing a crown, and has painted nails underneath her black gloves.

In the pilot, Stella's overall look was significantly different. She had a much lankier figure and feathers consisting of shades of green and pale yellow, and her eyes had green irises with black pupils. Her beak was not present, presumably being covered by her feathers. Moreover, Stella wore a green and white dress, with white and red gloves. The only element that appears unchanged in both designs is her crown.


Stella seems to be very temperamental about her husband's infidelity. However, she seems to be more baffled by said infidelity specifically happening with an imp, a demon of lower position; and that Stolas spoke of his inability to go to a motel to consummate it. It is not known if she is like that most of the time.

Given her choice of words during her argument with Stolas, it seems she is very classist, as she is not only furious at his infidelity but also at his debasement in position, choice of lovers and actions, since she berated him for acting like a plebeian.



Stolas is Stella's husband. Their marriage is strained and they frequently argue. In one argument regarding his affair with Blitzo, she scolds him for cheating on her with Blitzo since he's an Imp, calls him an embarrassment, and states that she doesn't want to spend another moment with him ever again. Due to the many hints that Stolas implied and given their royal status, it is highly possible their marriage was not out of love, which was shown when Stolas attempted to explain his situation to Octavia. Despite this, Stella heavily despises it when she learns of her husband's infidelity, especially when it’s with lower ranking demons.


Octavia is Stella's daughter. It is unknown what relationship they have outside of being blood related as they have yet to interact in the show. However, they seem to be on amicable enough terms to be seen in a portrait together. Octavia hinted that her relationship with her parents was much more open and loving as a child, before they started fighting (thus igniting Octavia's moody personality), although Stella was not shown to be willing to comfort her as a child after her nightmare, nor did she notice her enter the kitchen while berating Stolas.



  • The name "stella" is the Latin word for "star", fitting the astrology theme signature to Stolas.

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