"You know what happens when I'm lonely, Blitzy~"
―Stolas, flirting with Blitzo

Stolas is a Goetic Prince of Hell and a recurring side character in Helluva Boss.


Stolas is an anthropormorphic owl demon. He is tall, with an owlish beak and two pairs of narrow red eyes with no visible irises or pupils. He has blue and dark blue feathers with white and gray accents. He has a tail of blue feathers with darker blue tips that reaches his feet, and a lighter gray-blue puff of fur on his chest. From the neck up, his feathers fade from blue to darker blue, and his face stands out in a white heart shape.

His arms and legs are black, and instead of shoes, his limbs are tipped with owl claws.

He is often seen wearing a feathery tophat with a regal yellow feather decal that is reminiscent of a crown. He also wears a red tunic with six golden buttons, gray trousers, and a plush burgundy surcoat with a white fur collar and puffed striped sleeves.


Stolas appears to be narcissistic, decadent, exigent, and has a regal quality about himself. His house appears quite large containing many pictures of himself along with his clothing around him and he complains of being lonely. Also not unlike the refined aristocrats of old, Stolas engages in extramarital affairs with those of lower social class, such as the imp Blitzo, without apparent concern from his wife. However, in contrast to his normal regal behavior Stolas has a disturbing quality of becoming extremely profane and graphic when discussing his sexual interests. It is unknown if this is a general trait that he displays with all whom he discusses his sexuality or solely a facet of his relationship with Blitzo.

As with many demons, and the denizens of Hell in general, Stolas has a highly questionable moral compass. Being a regular client of Blitzo and his service, Stolas is responsible for ordering the deaths of mortals to advance his own agenda. Among other unknown hits, Stolas arranged for the death of at least one person trying to spread awareness of global warming, not because he did not acknowledge its existence, but in hopes of causing more overall deaths on Earth.

He is also seen as the "dorky dad" type when it comes to his daughter, Octavia, since his Voxtagram posts feature him fawning over pictures of the younger Octavia to the latter's embarrassment. Stolas also brought her to Loo Loo Land since Octavia enjoyed it as a child. He even wore a Loo Loo Land outfit and wanted to go on rides with Octavia, including the Robo Fizz attraction that Octavia hated.



  • Musical Talent: As shown in the second episode, Stolas is shown to be adept at singing as he does so to comfort his daughter.
  • Gardening: This comes naturally with his love of plants, as shown in the second episode and occasionally on his Voxtagram.

Unique Abilities

  • Petrification: Stolas can turn his targets into stone with a simple glare.



  • Stolas is based on the demon from the Ars Goetia, the Great Prince of Hell Stolas, who is also depicted as a crowned owl with long legs.
    • Additionally, according to Viv, Stolas is not an Overlord but is part of a separate hierarchal level which is also referred to as the Goetia Demons.[2] Stolas himself alludes to the order in "Loo Loo Land".
    • The seal of the Goetic demon can be seen on the balcony of Stolas's mansion.
    • Stolas's gardening hobby and astrological theme both reference how the Goetic demon is said to teach knowledge of astronomy, herbs, and plants.
  • When he snores, it sounds like an owl hooting.
  • It is shown that after he has sex, he sheds some of his feathers.
  • Even though she haven't decided on power yet, Viv has mentioned that Stolas's powers works different than Alastor's. She also mentioned that Stolas is actually stronger than Alastor.[4]
  • Stolas has his own personal chef.[5]


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