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"♫ As the stars start to align, I hope you take it as a sign that you'll be okay. Everything will be okay. And if the Seven Rings collapse, although the day will be my last, you will be okay. When I'm gone, you'll be okay. ♫"
―Stolas, singing a lullaby to his young daughter

Stolas is a Goetic Prince of Hell and a major supporting character in Helluva Boss. He is the father of Octavia and the husband of Stella.


Stolas is an anthropomorphic owl demon. He is tall, with an owlish beak and two pairs of narrow red eyes with no visible irises or pupils. He has blue and dark blue feathers with white and gray accents. He has a tail of blue feathers with darker blue tips that reach his feet, and a lighter gray-blue puff of fur on his chest. From the neck up, his feathers fade from blue to darker blue, and his face stands out in a white heart shape.

His arms and legs are black, and instead of shoes, his limbs are tipped with owl claws.

He is often seen wearing a feathery tophat with a regal gold crown on its front. He also wears a red tunic with six golden buttons, gray trousers, and a plush burgundy surcoat with a white fur collar and puffed striped sleeves.


Stolas appears to be narcissistic, decadent, exigent, and has a regal quality about himself. His house appears quite large, containing many pictures of himself along with his clothing around him, and he complains of being lonely. Also, not unlike the refined aristocrats of old, Stolas engages in extramarital affairs with those of lower social class, such as the imp Blitzo, without apparent concern from his wife. However, in contrast to his normal regal behavior, Stolas has a disturbing quality of becoming extremely profane and graphic when discussing his sexual interests. It is unknown if this is a general trait that he displays with all whom he discusses his sexuality, or solely a facet of his relationship with Blitzo.

As with many demons, and the denizens of Hell in general, Stolas has a highly questionable moral compass. Being a regular client of Blitzo and his service, Stolas is responsible for ordering the deaths of mortals to advance his own agenda. Among other unknown hits, Stolas arranged for the death of at least one person trying to spread awareness of global warming, not because he did not acknowledge its existence, but in hopes of causing more overall deaths on Earth.

He is also seen as the "dorky dad" type when it comes to his daughter, Octavia since he sometimes treat her like a child. Stolas also brought her to Loo Loo Land since Octavia enjoyed it as a child. He even took Octavia some attractions in Loo Loo Land, including the Robo Fizz attraction that Octavia hated. Stolas is also shown to be laid-back despite being royalty, since he would still wear his robes and slippers around the house, would wear the Loo Loo Land outfits, and enjoyed Robo-Fizz's show.

A major flaw in Stolas is whenever he is faced with a problem like how his and Stella's fights effect Octavia, or not being aware of how Blitzo feels about him, he tends to ignore it. He would often try to pretend that everything is fine. It is shown in "Loo Loo Land" that despite Octavia's protest of not wanting to go there, Stolas still took her along with the I.M.P as bodyguard's, however to spend time with Blitzo. Stolas belief was as long as he was happy, everybody else was as well. It wasn't until Octavia runs away to make Stolas finally realize he can’t hide the problem anymore. It happened again in "Ozzie's" where after being publicly humiliated by Asmodeus and Fizzarolli, Stolas tries to comfort Blitzo by inviting him to his house, but Blitzo flat out told Stolas that all Stolas wanted from Blitzo is to have sex with him and nothing more.



  • Musical Talent: As shown in the second episode, Stolas is shown to be adept at singing as he does so to comfort his daughter.
  • Gardening: This comes naturally with his love of plants, as shown in the second episode.

Unique Abilities

  • Petrification: Stolas can turn his targets into stone with a simple glare.
  • Telekinesis: Stolas can use telekinesis, like when he brought his grimoire over to him to comfort his daughter and when he commanded the monitors at D.H.O.R.K.S. headquarters to hurl them across the room.
  • Possession: Stolas can possess humans on Earth by spiritually entering one. The possession causes the host to spasm and they gain red eyes, sharp teeth, and Stolas's eye stripes. Furthermore, they can serve as a medium to summon Stolas's physical form to Earth when they stand on the seal that summons the demon.
  • Reanimation: Stolas can temporarily animate the corpses of deceased humans, which he demonstrated on a group of D.H.O.R.K.S. agents to draw out his seal around Stolas when possessing Agent Two, in order to give him access to the Human World without the use of the grimoire.



  • Stolas is based on the demon from the Ars Goetia, the Great Prince of Hell Stolas, who is also depicted as a crowned owl with long legs.
    • Additionally, according to Viv, Stolas is not an Overlord but is part of a separate hierarchical level which is also referred to as the Goetia Demons.[1] Stolas himself alludes to the order in "Loo Loo Land".
    • The seal of the Goetic demon can be seen on the balcony of Stolas's mansion.
    • Stolas's gardening hobby and astrological theme both reference how the Goetic demon is said to teach knowledge on astronomy, herbs, and plants. Prior to "Loo Loo Land", his gardening habit was foreshadowed in a post from the unofficial Voxtagram account.[3]
  • Even though she has yet to make a decision, Vivziepop has mentioned that Stolas's powers work different from Alastor's. She also mentioned that Stolas is actually stronger than Alastor.[4]
  • In "Loo Loo Land" it is shown that Stolas is actually very lightweight since Blitzo was able to carry Stolas to his seat without struggle.
  • The designs for Stolas's outfit changes for the episode "Loo Loo Land" were revealed during the BLM Charity Stream.[5]
  • In "Truth Seekers" Stolas is seen being able to create a portal from Earth back to Hell without using his grimoire. It is unknown if he can actually do this or if that was just an error. But in Ozzie's (episode), he still able to summon portals without his grimoire.