"Blitzo, c'mon. You know the two of us are superior than most of our kind. And you are so above sucking on a disgusting, rich, pompous Goetia only to sneak top side for scraps and work for bitter Sinners who could care less who you are, when you could be slaying Overlords. Why struggle to run a business that is rigged against you, when you can partner up with me and kill the unkillable? Starting with the one that treats you like a plaything. We could be the most dangerous beings in Hell, Blitzo."
―Striker to Blitzo

Striker is a former farmhand at Rough n' Tumbleweed Ranch and a hitman hired by Stella to assassinate Stolas during the The Harvest Moon Festival in the episode of the same name.


Striker is fairly tall, even rivaling Blitzo in height, possessing a serpentine/lizard like face with a large gold tooth in his sharp-toothed mouth. He has pale red skin, bright yellow eyes with green rings resembling that of a chameleon, a small black mustache, ivory white hair with a pair of horns striped black and white. Though, Striker's horns point upward and his horn pattern is more jagged. His tail has 4 black stripes at the base, with 8 spines lined up on them, and one on his tail fork. Striker's attire resembles that of a southern cowboy, with a stereotypical large grey sun hat, cowboy boots, and a light red scarf around his neck. He wears a black turtleneck shirt accompanied by a dark grey vest, over it is a light gray jacket with dark gray cuffs and black tassels below. He wears black fingerless gloves and ivory white pants with ripped thighs. Striker is also commonly seen holding a straw of wheat in his mouth.


Striker is an arrogant individual who sees himself as superior to most of his kind and does not hesitate to mock and belittle those who are physically weaker, as shown how he constantly humiliated Moxxie due to his meek personality and lack of physical strength. Due to his pride, he deeply hates the nobility and bluebloods of Hell who treat his fellow Imps as a lesser class and gleefully takes the chance to kill higher classes of demons to prove himself superior, which can be seen on how he mocked Stolas when talking with Blitzo, clearly not caring that the two were close acquaintances.

He is very violent and ruthless to the point of being sadistic, which is demonstrated when he tried to kill Moxxie by strangling him when he discovered his blessing-tipped rifle to kill demon royalty and brutally broke Millie's arm when she stabbed him in the back numerous times in an attempt to save her husband, to later lock them in the house's basement and stating that he would kill them if it wasn't because they "didn't worth the cleanup", showing a great level of despise towards them. He even went as far to kick a girl in the face just for getting too close to him when he was singing in the festival.

However, despite his arrogance and violence, he has shown to respect those willing to do things even when the odds are stacked against them, which was demonstrated when he admired that Blitzo was able to start a killing business by stating that not many Imps were able to do so. He is also respectful to whoever he works with like Stella and Joe, treating them in a much more formal way.

Striker is cunning and manipulative, as he was able to make Blitzo lower his guard by psychologically abusing him; stating that he was working for lower classes that couldn't care less about him and wasting his great potential by limiting himself to be Stolas's sexual plaything when he could do much better than that, to subsequently suggest they work together. Given his friendly approach towards Blitzo, his statement that they were superior to their kind, and clear disappointment for his rejection of his offer, it can be assumed Striker genuinely saw Blitzo as a good killing partner due to his great physical prowess, showing he's willing to work as a team with people he considers to have the same impressive abilities than him.

He was shown to be fearless, as he confidently killed a hog for dinner with a knife and was able to keep a cool head when Blitzo busted him trying to kill Stolas, even cornering the first in a wall despite he was pointing at his chest with a gun in very close distance. He appears to be ambitious as he has aspirations above being an assassin and seeks to use his job to gather powerful Sinner slaying weapons so that one day he can possibly rise to the level of Overlord.

As an assassin, he prefers close-range combat as most of his fights seen to date were hand-to-hand. However he is willing to use ranged weapons when needed, such as killing Stolas at sniper distance. He also seems to be good at singing.


Natural Abilities

  • Ocular Illumination: Like many Imps, Striker's eyes emit a light glow in dark areas.
  • Charisma: TBA


  • Hand-to-hand Combat: Striker is shown to be highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, being able to defend himself from the I.M.P staff, he also uses his tail for unarmed combat as well.
  • Weapon Mastery: He's shown to be skilled with handling various types of weapons, such as the knife used to kill the hog and the blessing-tipped rifle.
  • Horse-riding: Striker is shown to be good at horse riding, shown when he is riding Bombproof at the beginning of The Harvest Moon Festival.
  • Musical Talent: Striker is shown to have a talent for singing, as shown when he sang his victory tune after he was one of the winners of the Harvest Moon Pain Games.
    • Guitar-playing: As well as singing, Striker is also good at playing his guitar, which is also shown when he sang his victory tune.

Unique Abilities

  • Enhanced Durability: Striker has a great resistance as he was able to take multiple stabs from Millie (who is a specialist in close ranged weapons) from behind and still being able to overpower her while appearing to be unfazed by the wounds. Another example is when Blitzo elbowed his face for almost shooting Moxxie and was able briefly knocking him down later, even being able to quickly escape from the scene despite having received a brutal beating from him, who showed to be strong enough to break a wall with a single punch.
  • Snake-like Abilities:
    • Hissing: Like how Blitzo can purr, Striker can create a noise similar to a snake or crocodile hiss. However, it's unknown if this is part of his unique anatomy or Imps can naturally hiss.
    • Tail Rattle: When Striker moves his tail a certain way, it makes a rattling sound, similar to a rattlesnake.


  • He is the only Imp so far to have a spiral pattern accompanying the pupils of his eyes, similar to that of a chameleon.
    • Additionally, one of his other notable features is his gold tooth, a trait he shares with Angel Dust and Valentino.
  • He seems to possess reptilian-like features and traits such as creating crocodilian/rattlesnake sounds and possesses a reptilian snout like facial features opposing to the other Imps.
  • Striker's appearance went through several drafts and phases in development. His preliminary design was a rough combination of Blitzo and Moxxie's, with later passes shifting to a reptilian/snake-like direction.[1][2] Inspiration for his design came from Rattlesnake Jake from Rango, Snidely Whiplash from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Angel Eyes from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and the 1970 Mexican film, El Topo.[3]



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