Teacher's song is the opening song of the episode "Murder Family" and is a flashback to when Mrs. Mayberry died.


We love to do our homework
And we love our teacher too!

And when I throw out these fun questions,
You should know just what to do.

Two plus six is eight!
And good behavior — great!
And it’s now that part of the class,
When we say the time of day and date.

It’s nine in the morning
On january eight.
The sun is out smiling
And it’s your husband’s birthday.

La (×30)


  • It is presumed this sequence takes place on on January 8, 2020 however Mrs. Mayberry never writes the year on the blackboard leaving the precise date unknown.
  • Given that only 5 desks are seen in the classroom it is presumed Dunce Kid always sits in the corner.
  • A instrumental version of this song is used in the episode's end credits.

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