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"Gee! That was pretty swell, boss"
―Egg Boi #23, to Sir Pentious

The Egg Bois are Sir Pentious' minions. Each of them has a number written on their back to help identify them. The highest known number as of now is 920. They served as supporting antagonists in the Hazbin Hotel pilot, "That's Entertainment".


The Egg Bois, as their names imply, are sentient eggs that wear a black top hat and have small skinny black limbs. It seems that their yellow eyes are actually inside the large crack in their shells and their mouths are an additional crack on the outside of their shells. Just like Sir Pentious, they also wear a yellow shirt under a grey coat with yellow vertical stripes on it. They also wear a black tie.



  • There is an Egg Boi that doesn't have a number written on their back and instead has "#OUCH", although this may be for comedic purposes and another that says "#A1".
  • At Momocon 2019, when asked by a fan about where The Egg Bois came from or if Sir Pentious can lay them, Vivzie and the crew said that they can't say where because they have something exciting planned for that and it will be explored later in the series.
  • It's been confirmed that another character helped Sir Pentious create The Egg Bois.[1].