The Harvest Moon Festival is an event that takes place at the Wrath Ring once a year. It was first introduced in the episode of the same name.


The festival is an event that Stolas oversees every year. The festival is a typical harvest festival celebrating the bountiful harvest of the previous year.

It hosts the Pain Games, a series of challenges to see who the toughest imp is in the Wrath Ring of Hell. Millie and Sallie May likes to compete in it. According to their mother, the previous year resulted in fifteen funerals (Millie being responsible for nine of them). In the year when I.M.P. attended, for the first time in the history of the Pain Games, two contestants tied for the victory: Striker and Blitzo.

Stolas's role in the festival is to use his powers via his Grimoire to open a portal allowing the Imps of the Wrath Ring to view a true harvest moon.

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