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Hazbin Hotel: The Radio Demon (or A Day In The After Life) is an official comic for Hazbin Hotel. While its timeframe in relation to the pilot episode is unspecified, it showcases an average day in the life of Alastor. It was released on October 19, 2020 with at least sixteen pages.


The comic was drawn by Liam (previously known as Riplae) inked by Faustisse and colored by FunnyLunettaART. On June 30, 2020, Faustisse announced on her Twitter that the comic had been fully completed with a scheduled release of July 2020.[1]


The comic begins in the middle of Pentagram City, where demons are going about their usual business on a rougher end of town. The sound of music and humming draws their attention to Alastor, prompting them to all cower and hide in fear as he walks along. Eventually, Alastor makes his way to a café where the terrified staff member serves him devilled eggs on a table outside. As he contemplates his newspaper and a coffee, Alastor tosses one of the eggs to a couple of demonic ravens, who promptly whip up into a frenzy as he leaves.

In a nearby park, Alastor contemplates a rose that wilts in his hand from his power. Two demons who witness this run away in fear as the Radio Demon tries to greet them, leaving Alastor mildly annoyed at their reaction.

Sometime later, Alastor strolls through Cannibal Colony, where a group of said cannibals ladies are devouring an unfortunate soul. He bids them good morning and asks them to say hello to Rosie for him, making a brief stop to toss a coin to a saxophone player on the street. He comes to a collection of televisions, all displaying products endorsed and sold by Vox. After the demons nearby also run away from Alastor, Vox hijacks the signal in an attempt to be intimidating, but Alastor merely shrugs him off.

Annoyed at having to see Vox, Alastor continues his walk until he discovers a newly opened butcher shop. Sensing a commotion inside, he enters and asks the owner if he has any fresh venison on offer. Though the owner tries to arm himself, a quite display of power quickly gets him to work. After Alastor is given his order, he briefly bumps into a small sheep-like demon on his way out.

However, before he leaves completely, he hears the owner attempt to assault the other demon. Noting his distaste for those who abuse those of "fairer means", Alastor eviscerates the butcher alive. As he ponders his revised order of the butcher now being his cut of meat, Alastor remarks that while it isn't as good as venison, it'll suffice.


  • On August 10 2020, a month after the comic was slated to be released, Faustisse announced that she was no longer working on Hazbin Hotel projects after ending her contract early.[2] On August 28, the official Hazbin Hotel Twitter account apologized for the delay to the comic and reassured that it was still coming soon after a delay from Vivienne Medrano.[3]
  • On October 10, 2020, Faustisse revealed that color artist FunnyLunettaArt was a minor when she worked on the comic and both her and Medrano were unaware of it until later on the line. As a result, they had to have her parents' waive permission for her to participate and were forced to dismiss her after she had completed her assignments.[4]