• Hey there! Seeing how active you are at editing, I wanted to inform you that the pages you added about the Overlords is content from Vivziepop's Patreon. As such, adding private information can be interpreted as leaking exclusive content without the creator's permission. To avoid leaks and to be respectful to the creator, please avoid adding anything that comes from Patreon unless Viv gives permission to posting it. Sites such as yiffparty also don't count, since that site provides all the Patreon posts that are meant to be hidden. If Viv or her team state/post the content in public, then it's safe to add. Having this in mind will help document information that comes naturally instead of relying on leaks to get things done.

    Safe editing!

    The Silver wings of Night (talk) @fandom 11:41, April 22, 2020 (UTC)

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