Information found online is most likely outdated. All information is to be changed following theory debunk streams, upcoming Patreon comics, and the pilot.

Tom is a co-anchorman at 666 News, Hell's premiere news station, and is a main character in Hazbin Hotel.


Tom is a demon adorning a unique gas mask, covering all of his face except his blonde hair, which remains exposed.


Katie Killjoy

Tom is Katie's colleague. It's unclear if their relationship is purely professional or not. It is possible for Katie to have a tendency to abusing Tom due to the fact that she poured scolding hot coffee onto his crotch in Morning Report for him making a pun about "nailing" Cherri, even calling him a little bitch shortly after.


  • It is speculated that he died in World War I, given the fact that he wears a gas mask and his last name is likely a reference to the stalemate of trench warfare during the war.