Tom Trench is a co-anchorman at 666 News and is a supporting character in Hazbin Hotel.


Tom's head is composed of an expressive gas mask, which is his entire face and neck, that has a sweep of ashy blonde hair. He wears a grey suit with a white collared shirt, what appears to be black gloves, a red tie, and a red pocket square.



  • It is speculated that he died in World War I, given the fact that he wears a gas mask and that his last name is likely a reference to trenches used during the war. He was originally going to have died in the Chernobyl disaster, but this was cut because Viv stated she no-longer wanted any characters deaths associated with famous real life events or disasters that have happened.
    • In addition, a gunshot sound effect can be heard when he introduces himself.
  • When asked about what is behind Tom's gas mask, Vivziepop has stated, as far as she know, his gas mask is simply his face.
  • Tom Trench presumably watches gay porn, given his embarrassment at being called out for knowing who Angel Dust is.


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