Tom Trench is a co-anchorman at 666 News and is a supporting character in Hazbin Hotel.


Tom's head is composed of an expressive gas mask, which is his entire face and neck, that has a sweep of ashy blonde hair. He wears a grey suit with a lighter grey collared shirt, what appears to be black gloves, a red tie, and a red pocket square.


Katie Killjoy

Tom is Katie's colleague. It's unclear if their relationship is purely professional or not. Katie seems to have a tendency to abuse Tom even on-air, evidenced by her pouring scalding hot coffee onto his crotch in Morning Report after he made a pun about "nailing" Cherri Bomb's hotspot. Katie then referred to him as a "little bitch" shortly afterward.

Charlotte Magne

Due to Katie handling Charlie's interview, Tom doesn't interact with her directly. However, he can be seen shaking his head in disgust and disapproval of Katie shamelessly gloating and insulting Charlie. Even though he was seen laughing alongside Katie following Charlie's song, he didn't continually rag on Charlie as Katie did. At some point during Katie and Charlie's fight, he is set on fire.

Angel Dust

Tom doesn't interact with him directly, but it is implied that Tom knows Angel Dust and his work as Pornstar. When Tom asks if Angel Dust was the Pornstar Charlie was referring to, Katie looked visibly upset with Tom's comment.



  • It is speculated that he died in World War I, given the fact that he wears a gas mask and that his last name is likely a reference to trenches used during the war. He was originally going to have died in the Chernobyl disaster, but this was cut because Viv stated that she doesn't want her characters to have anything to do with famous real life events or disasters.
    • In addition, a gunshot sound effect can be heard when he introduces himself.
  • When asked about what is behind Tom's gas mask, Vivziepop has stated that as far as she knows, his gas mask is simply his face.


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