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  • I live in Can't tell u
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is Goal to be an admin , I'm just a regular editor. I'm a HUGE fan of Regular Show, Hazbin Hotel and Adventure Time and I know every episode by heart.
  • I am Female and 22

Hello! I’m Kiddo Ryder, I’m a BIG Hazbin Hotel fan. I also love writing fanfics and making theories because they are fun to do ^^ I enjoy helping people and writing down the facts I would learn from the streams and making sure that they are right. I will do my best on this wikia to make sure everything is alright and no wrong info.

My favorite characters

These are the list of my favorite characters. Here is the info of my favorite characters and why I like them.

Angel Dust

IMG 3686

Angel Dust is my first favorite character ever. The moment I first saw him in that clip "Your Fault", I quickly fell in love with him. I love how confident he is, how he can be sassy, a badass and even a total sweetheart. I mean I love that scene where he felt bad for what he did that ruined the Hotel's reputation.

Charlie with angel

See? He not a total jackass (most of the time lol) and actually do care about the people he consider dear to him.

Angel Dust and Fat Nuggets
And I love he is with his little pet pet Piggy Fat Nuggets. He would do anything to protect that pig.
Angel Dust drag shots

I may be straight he looks hot when he's dressed in drag!

Angel shoots

And I also love how badass he can be in the battle! He can shoot and even use a bat at the same time! It's so cool having lots of arms.

Angel and Molly art

One of the things I'm looking forward too is to see his relationship with his family. I know his father's and brother relationship is REALLY bad to the point that I believe they actually do hate each other. But I do want to see his relationship with his sister Molly. Since Viv did say how their relationship is positive, I can't wait to see it!


IMG 4447

Charlie is my second favorite character in the show. I do love how she's the disney princess of Hell, I love how she basically have the guts to be herself. Once you think about it, it's basically true because even though most of the demons in Hell don't respect her, Charlie is actually braver than all of them because of how she doesn't put on a "tough guy" act and act like she's better than all of them . I like how she isn't a spoil brat because even though she's rich and have a limo and stronger powers, she doesn't use them for her bidding.

Devil charlie

I like how her demon form looked because it's pretty awesome!

Charlie vs Katie

I love too how even though Charlie is a total sweetheart she is definitely no pushover because she's a total badass! I mean looked how she's kicking Katie's ass in that fist fight scene! And she didn't even have to turn into her final demon form to fight back. It goes to show that those who may look weak, can actually be stronger.

Charlie singing

Plus she's an amazing singer!


Vaggie encouraging Charlie

What I like about Vaggie how she loves Charlie and is always

protective of her and supporting her regardless if she has doubts in them.

Charlie and Vaggie christmas

I mean they are so adorable!

Vaggie's little smirk
Niffy lifted Charlie
Vaggie with spear

Plus I do love her and Angel's relationship because it's like a brother and sister relationship.

I love badass she can be with her spear.


Alastor at bar

With Alastor is a whole different ballgame. With him, I love scary and mysterious he can be. One minute he can go from a goofy guy telling Dad jokes to a blood thirsty killer the next:

Alastor's power

I mean look at him!

What I love about Alastor is how he CHOOSE to smile. In some cartoons and movies I seen, some people are smiling by force. I love how Alastor choose to smile because to him, it shows power and dominance.

Alastor smile

It's also interesting on how Alastor is asexual and actually have some standards. Plus I love how he sings and his powers work!

Neon alastor
Alastor summons portal
Alastor and co.

Word of advice: Don't mess with the Radio Demon!


Sir Pentious

Cherri Bomb

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