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"♪ When I saw your face, you made me feel like a stranger in a brand new place. And it felt so good, to be understood. There's so much I wish that I could say. So I- I'll be your armor. Do whatever it takes, I'll make the mistakes. I'll spend my life being your partner. ♪"
―Vaggie, expressing her desire to help Charlie

Vaggie is an angel and former Exorcist. She is the deuteragonist of Hazbin Hotel and serves as the manager of the Hazbin Hotel.

Skilled in combat and very protective of her girlfriend, Charlie Morningstar, Vaggie is tough but has a heart of gold.[5]


Vaggie is a slim-figured angel who subtly sports a moth-themed design[6] with grayish-lavender skin. She has knee-length grayish-white hair with faded-purple tips and long jagged bangs which cover the left side of her face. On the back of her head, she accessorizes with a red hairbow with small tears on each side and two long tails.

Her right eye has a light pink sclera and an ivory iris, while her left eye has been replaced by a slate-gray eyepatch that sports a red-pink "X" shape, which glows when she is angry or irritated. Her mouth has small fangs and black lips.

Vaggie wears a blouse that is the same color as her bow and the "X" shape on her eyepatch, with a dark gray peter-pan collar, dark gray trimming on the sleeves, and two dark gray buttons down the front. She also sported a choker and a miniskirt with a thick pale pink waistband hugging her waist, both colored in the same dark gray.

Vaggie's accessories includes a set of fingerless slate-gray opera gloves with matching thigh-high stockings, which include white scallops at the cuff and toes.

Back when she was an Exorcist, Vaggie's hair was kept in a bob, and she had both of her eyes as well as a pair of large feathered-wings on her back, and a halo hovering above her head. Her left eye, halo and wings were then ripped out by Lute. After training with Carmilla Carmine, Vaggie regrew her wings which sported a gradient of gray-colors, in contrast to her previous wings which sported a black-to-white color scheme.


In her pilot design, Vaggie's hair was the same color, but the stripes at the end were instead light pink. Her bow was colored in a pale shade of reddish-pink, and its appearance is softer and untorn. She also sported gray eyeshadow.

She wore what appears to be a light gray one-shouldered bra under a white minidress with loose straps, two light gray crosses on her chest, and a scalloped-trim at the bottom. In addition, she also wore a light gray belt around her waist.

Her choker and arm-length gloves were the same light slate-gray color; her right glove covered her entire hand while her left was fingerless. She also wore thigh-high stockings that were scalloped white at the cuff; her right was a full light gray while her left was striped in light pink and light gray.


Vaggie is a pragmatic and cautious angel who devotes a great deal of her time attempting to support Charlie with her vision for the hotel, as well as guiding her away from as much trouble or humiliation as possible.

She is tough, but she has a heart of gold.[5] Loyal and kind to those she cares for, but short on patience and trust, Vaggie tends to be very reactive, often taking an immediate defensive stance (with an offense at the ready) when it comes to dealing with potential threats towards either herself or Charlie.

While it remains unclear whether Vaggie fully buys into Charlie's concept for redemption, she passionately defends it from more skeptical sinners and fully supports her idea, trying to do everything she can to help Charlie. Vaggie appears to be fairly prudent in business, trying her hardest to fill her designated role as the hotel's manager, even with an initial lack of resources, a very run-down property, and a lack of qualified staff.

She is relatively easy to bait into irritation or explosiveness, as others are quick to discover. Angel Dust perceives Vaggie to have a distrust towards men in particular. Husk believes Vaggie acts mean to everyone else around her because deep down she loathes herself and that act is a way to protect herself.

Back when she was an Exorcist, she was a ruthless killing machine, having slaughtered thousands of Sinners during many Exterminations. However, she had a change of heart when she encountered a defenseless Sinner child in an alley. Unable to bring herself to kill them, she let them go. Lute watched in disgust and declared her "sinful filth", gouging out her left eye and tearing off her wings as punishment, leaving her mutilated and abandoned. Shortly after, she met Charlie, who gave her first aid. The two eventually fell in love, and Vaggie became loyal and protective of her. This may have also helped Vaggie abandon most of her ruthless ways and change for the better.

Despite abandoning her Exorcist past and beliefs, she kept her spear for protection and is still wary of Sinners who could potentially be a threat to her and Charlie.


  • Flight - When she was an Exorcist angel, she had wings until she was stripped of them by Lute, along with her status. She later regains them in "Hello Rosie!" after training with Carmilla Carmine.


  • Hand-to-hand Combat - Vaggie demonstrates a considerable physical strength that belies her slight frame. She was able to swiftly punch a male demon off his chair in one bare-knuckle hit, as well as pick up and toss both Sir Pentious and Angel Dust off a rooftop.
  • Weapon Proficiency - Vaggie is proficient in handling weapons, seeming to favor blades. According to Adam, Vaggie was one of his top Exorcist fighters, claiming that her skills in weaponry allowed her to kill thousands of Sinners. Although she has yet to actually make use of her larger weapons, she does not lack confidence when it comes to brandishing them for self-defense, and she was able to throw a dagger into the electric window switch of a car with pin-point precision. As noted by Carmilla, Vaggie's fighting style initially resembled that of the other Exorcists, sloppy, vicious, and straightforward, focusing everything on offense. She eventually began to overcome these flaws as she sparred with her.
  • Bilingualism - Vaggie can fluently speak Spanish[7] as well as English.
  • Intellect - Vaggie appears to have quite a comprehensive knowledge regarding the hierarchies and folklore of hell, particularly those pertaining to her area of residence, the Pride Ring, and the machinations of the power-jostling sinners located there. She understands the looming dangers of the Overlords and their politics, as well as the tale of how Alastor became the first mortal soul to harness enough power to "begin to topple overlords who had been dominant for centuries".


Vaggie points her angelic spear at Carmilla

Vaggie's angelic spear

  • Throwing Daggers - Vaggie has throwing daggers in her possession, although whether she has the power to summon them or just keeps them on her is unclear.
  • Angelic Spear - Vaggie possesses a spear for self-defense and is seen carrying it around with her. She had this spear since her days as an Exorcist.


Concept & Creation

Vaggie 2013

As with many of the core cast of Hazbin Hotel, Vaggie started out a very aesthetically and thematically different character.

Initially planned to appear in the "Angels and Demons" arc of Vivziepop's then-running webcomic, Zoophobia, she appeared in 2013 as a mystical and overtly moth-like woman with a darker-blue color palette.

Vivziepop eventually realized that the collection of demon misfits had the potential for their own self-contained story and shifted them, including Vaggie, over to the first draft of what would eventually become Hazbin Hotel.[8]

Vaggie Drawing Voice

Vaggie's first redesign

Vaggie went through several phases of development preceding her initial design. She received her first redesign in 2015, moving into a very 80s'-themed look to match her 1980s date of death.[9][10] However, this date was later changed to 2014 and the character eventually emerged at the end of the process with the more pastel-goth design finally settled on for the pilot.

Christopher Niosi, who met Vivziepop in the School of Visual Arts, and who was given special thanks in her thesis film, Son of 666, was the one who suggested Monica Franco for the role of Vaggie, before the pilot had started production and before casting had even begun.[11]


  • According to Adam in "Welcome to Heaven", he states that he was the one that gave her the name. However, it was pronounced (/væɡiː/), named after "the best thing ever", the vagina, which is also a joke nickname that Angel Dust sometimes calls her by.
  • On March 19, 2019, in a response to fanart of Vaggie in Salvadoran attire, Vivziepop stated that Vaggie, like her, was also Salvadoran.[12] However, with the revelation that she is an angel, it has not been stated whether or not she had a human life before becoming an Exorcist. This also places her Salvadoran heritage into question, and it is currently unknown if this is still canon in the main series.
    • Vaggie can speak Spanish, as evidenced in the pilot, "Overture", and other episodes of season one.
  • Cynical Beauty
    According to Vivziepop, Vaggie is the "most human" character, in terms of her emotional state and her problems, which are more real-world adjacent, involving issues around mental health and inner darkness. This is reflected in her more humanoid design.[13]
  • Vaggie's hair and bow flares up whenever she shows strong emotion or anger. It even flows when she explains something serious, like how dangerous Alastor is.
  • When asked about Vaggie's orientation and whether she is a lesbian, Faustisse replied that they would "certainly say that Vaggie is strongly interested in women",[note 1] but not confirming if she is only into women.
  • Faustisse stated that Vaggie does not have any friends.[note 2] Whether the statement was referring to Vaggie's possible living life, her time as an exorcist or her current situation in Hell outside of Charlie and the Hazbin Hotel staff is yet unclear.
  • Vaggie is described as an overly protective person, and someone who desires to be in control of situations. Her overprotectiveness is a strong part of her personality that is referred to as both "justified and not so much" depending on certain situations.[14]
  • Vivziepop considers Vaggie a "neat freak", who is made uncomfortable and stressed out by mess.[3]
  • Faustisse stated that Vaggie has big issues with anger.[note 3]
  • Vaggie is described as "a really good dancer", the most skilled of the main cast.[15]
  • Vivziepop referenced Vaggie's preference for bladed weapons, mentioning that if any character were to meet the "giant sword" trope, it would be her. Described as the fighter of the group, that element of her character apparently played a role in a magical girl adjacent element to her theming.[16]
  • Throughout the first season there were hints of Vaggie's past as an angel exorcist such as when she gave militaristic orders, telling everyone how she learned to trust people in combat and her unwillingness to visit heaven even when Charlie wanted her to travel with her.
  • In "Welcome to Heaven", Vaggie admits she's a terrible liar or at the very least can't seem to lie to Charlie.
  • Charlie consoles Vaggie

    Vaggie is assured by Charlie

    Vivziepop has confirmed that Charlie and Vaggie are indeed a canon couple.[17]
    • She compares Charlie and Vaggie's relationship to that of Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.[18]
    • When asked who she thinks fell for the other first (Charlie or Vaggie), Vivziepop stated that she thinks they were really good friends for a while and it was "kind of a natural progression for them", so she doesn't really know who was in love first, thinking it was a more mutual feeling that developed between them. She also thinks that their becoming a couple happened a fairly long time prior to the events of the pilot, and even before some events that she has planned to occur before the pilot.[19]
    • Faustisse feels that Vaggie is the top in their relationship.[note 4]
    • In "Welcome to Heaven" Vaggie was seen visibly upset that Emily was holding Charlie's hands showing some jealousy and she was even more distraught when Charlie learned about her past as an exorcist.
      • The episode "Hello Rosie!" seems to suggest that Vaggie didn't tell Charlie about her time as an Exorcist for fear of losing her.
      • In the same episode, Charlie revealed that she and Vaggie had been together for three years and that she tells her everything, showing a level of trust and love between them.
  • According to Faustisse, Vaggie is bad at handling kids.[note 5]
  • Vivziepop thinks Vaggie would enjoy punk and 80s' era music, as well as have a guilty pleasure for Reggaeton. She thinks she would also gravitate towards music similar to Melanie Martinez, an artist who appears frequently on Vivziepop's official Spotify playlist for Hazbin Hotel, and has been previously used as background music for her speed-draw streams of Vaggie.[20]
  • Vaggie's Spanish lines are left untouched in the official Japanese dub, instead of being dubbed over in Japanese.
  • Before being archived, Vaggie was in charge of handling the hotel's Voxtagram account (@hotel_magnement).[21]
  • Vaggie shares her pilot voice actor with the Hellhound Adoption Center Lady ("Seeing Stars") and Counselor Jimmy ("Unhappy Campers") from Helluva Boss.


  • In a late 2016 speed draw of Vaggie, Vivziepop listed her last name as "Motha".[22] Whether this is still the case is unknown.
  • In earlier artworks that featured several of Vaggie's earlier design iterations for Zoophobia, Angel Dust and Vaggie were portrayed as a romantic couple within the version of the story she was currently working on.[23] She eventually decided against it and moved on, never having made it official and continuing to develop the characters in other directions, describing them as "no longer compatible".[24]
    • When Vivziepop first created Angel and Vaggie, "Africa" by Toto was their "ship" song, and as of March 20, 2016 Vivziepop still thinks it is the only song they can bond over.[25]
  • Vaggie's original design was said to be based around the theming of moths and suicide, but was "rehauled" due to unknown reasons.[note 6]
    • Vivziepop still considers Vaggie to be moth-themed, but in a more subtle way.[26]
    • Faustisse thinks that Vaggie's full demon form might still be themed around suicide.[note 6] As Vaggie is depicted as an Angel instead of a Sinner, this concept was likely scrapped.
  • Vaggie designs

    Vaggie in various outfit designs

    Vivziepop expressed a strong desire to have Vaggie appear in different outfits for every episode of the show.[27]
  • In earlier renditions of the character, and in the pilot episode, Vaggie was a Sinner demon who died in 2014 around or in her 20s.[28][29] In the main series, however, she was believed to be a Sinner until the episode "Welcome to Heaven" where it is revealed she had lied about her identity and is actually a former Exorcist and angel.
    • In an earlier tweet on June 26, 2019, Vivziepop said that she feels Vaggie died way before she claims she did, because she personally thought Vaggie met Charlie in her high school years.[30]
  • In the Autralian Relief Wildfire stream, Vivziepop stated that Vaggie's real name was Vagatha.[1] "Vagatha" may be taken from the name "Agatha", which means "good woman" in Greek. However, this detail has been retconned, as Adam claimed that Vaggie is her real name.
    • In "The Show Must Go on", Vaggie said "Vagatha" was not her real name when addressed as such by Sir Pentious.


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