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"But, life isn't a musical, hon."
―Vaggie, responding to Charlie's idea

Vagatha[1], more commonly known as Vaggie, is the manager of the Hazbin Hotel and Charlie Magne's girlfriend. She is a Sinner Demon and is one of the main protagonists of the Hazbin Hotel series.


Vaggie is a slim demon with muted lavender-colored skin. Her hair is white, with light pink stripes at the ends, and she wears a big pink bow on the back of her head, which reacts along with her moods. Vaggie's right eye has an ivory white iris and her sclera is light pink. Her left eye is missing and is replaced by a pink X on a slate-gray eyepatch, which glows red when she is angry or irritated.

She is usually seen wearing a pastel goth style outfit; a white mini-dress with slate-gray X's on her bust, similar colored scalloped trim to the bottom hem, and a matching belt. She also wears slate-gray evening gloves and a choker of the same color. Her right stocking is pale slate-gray and her left stocking is pale slate-gray alternate with light pink stripes down the length. One of the straps of her dress is off-the-shoulder, revealing a slate-gray bra or tank top underneath.

Her design is vaguely themed after a moth.[4]


Vaggie is a pragmatic and cautious young sinner, who devotes a great deal of her time towards attempting to support Charlie with her vision for the hotel, as well as guide her away from as much trouble or humiliation as possible. It's unclear whether Vaggie fully buys into Charlie's proposed concept for redemption, but she passionately defends it from more skeptical sinners nonetheless. Vaggie appears to be fairly prudent in business, trying her hardest to fill her designated role as hotel management, even with an initial lack of resources and a very run-down property to operate out of. Loyal and kind to those she cares for, but short on patience and trust, Vaggie tends to be very reactive and often takes an immediate defensive stance (with an offense at the ready) when it comes to dealing with potential threats, towards either herself or to Charlie. She is also relatively easy to bait past the point of irritation and into more rash explosiveness, as others are quick to discover.

Angel Dust perceives Vaggie to have a distrust towards men in particular.



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Vaggie demonstrates a considerable physical strength that belies her slight frame when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. She is able to swiftly punch a male demon off his chair in one bare-knuckle hit.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Vaggie projects proficiency when handling weapons, and seems to favor blades. Although she has yet to actually make use of her larger weapons, she does not lack confidence when it comes to brandishing them for self-defense, and she is able to throw a dagger into the electric window button of a car with pin-point precision.
  • Bilingualism: Vaggie can fluently speak Spanish,[5] as well as English.
  • Intellect: Despite only passing into hell relatively recently herself, Vaggie appears to have quite a comprehensive knowledge regarding the hierarchies and folklaw of hell, particularly those pertaining to her area of residence, the Pride Ring, and the machinations of the power-jostling sinners located there. She understands the looming dangers of the Overlords, their politics, as well as the tale of how Alastor became the first mortal soul to harness enough power to "begin to topple overlords who had been dominant for centuries".


  • Throwing Daggers: Vaggie has throwing daggers in her possession, although whether she has the power to summon them or she just keeps them on her is unclear.
  • Harpoon: Vaggie possesses a harpoon for self defense and carries it around with her once Alastor appears as a threatening presence at the hotel.



  • Vaggie's real name "Vagatha" may be taken from the name "Agatha" which means "good woman" in Greek.
  • Like Vivziepop, Vaggie is also Salvadorian.[6] Additionally, she can also speak Spanish, as evidenced in the pilot.
  • Vaggie's bow often reacts in unison to her emotions. It flares up when she is angry, remains neutral when she is calm, and droops when she is upset.
  • According to VivziePop, Vaggie is the “most human” character, in terms of her emotional state and her problems, which are more real-world adjacent, involving issues around mental health and inner darkness. This is reflected in her more humanoid design.[7]
  • Vaggie is described as a very protective person, and someone who desires to be in control of situations. Her protectiveness is a strong part of her personality that is referred to as both "justified and not so much" depending on certain situations.[8]
  • VivziePop considers Vaggie a "neat freak", who is made uncomfortable and stressed out by mess.[9]
  • Vaggie is described as "a really good dancer", the most skilled of the main cast.[10]
  • VivziePop referenced Vaggie's preference for bladed weapons, mentioning that, if any character were to meet the "giant sword" trope, it would be her. Described as the fighter of the group, that element of her character apparently played a role in a magical girl adjacent element to her theming.[11]
  • Vivziepop has confirmed that Charlie and Vaggie are indeed a canon couple.[12]
    • She compares Charlie and Vaggie's relationship to that of Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.[13]
    • When asked who she thinks fell for the other first (Charlie or Vaggie), Vivziepop stated that she thinks they were really good friends for a while and it was “kind of a natural progression for them”, so she doesn't really know who was in love first, thinking it was a more mutual feeling that developed between them. She also thinks that their becoming a couple happened a fairly long time previous to the events of the pilot, and even before some events that she has planned to occur before the pilot.[14]
    • Faustisse feels that Vaggie is the top in their relationship.[note 1]
  • According to Faustisse,[note 2] Vaggie is bad at handling kids.
  • Vivziepop thinks Vaggie would enjoy punk and 80's era music, as well as have a guilty pleasure for Reggaeton. She thinks she would also gravitate towards music similar to Melanie Martinez, an artist who appears frequently on Vivziepop's official Spotify playlist for Hazbin Hotel, and has been previously used as background music for her speed-draw streams of Vaggie.[2]
  • The harpoon Vaggie owns bears a striking resemblance to those left behind by the Exorcists, shown being collected by scavenging sinners after the annual extermination. The fact that Vaggie considers her weapon adequate protection against a powerful demon like Alastor adds weight to the possibility that the weapon may also be of angelic origins.
  • Vivziepop expressed a strong desire to have Vaggie appear in different outfits for every episode of the show.[15]
  • As with many of the core cast of Hazbin Hotel, Vaggie started out a very aesthetically and thematically different character. Initially planned to appear in the Angels and Demons arc of Vivziepop's old webcomic, Zoophobia, she was eventually moved to her own self-contained story along with the other characters, which went through many drastically different premises and tones.[16] Vaggie went through several phases of development, her look beginning as that of a more mystical (and overtly moth-like) woman with a darker-blue color palette,[17] eventually emerging at the end of the process as the more pastel-goth character finally settled on.
    • In a much earlier draft of the story, that featured one of Vaggie's earlier design iterations, Vivziepop briefly attempted to see if Vaggie and an earlier version of Angel's character would work as a romantic couple within the version of the story she was currently working on.[18] She eventually decided against it and moved on, continuing to develop the characters in other directions, describing them as "no longer compatible".[19]
    • An earlier iteration of Vaggie's character moved into a very 80's-themed look at one point, to match her original 1980s date of death. However, this was later changed to 2014 as the character continued to move through development.[20]
    • Vaggie's original design was said to be based around the theming of moths and suicide, but was "rehauled" due to unknown reasons.[note 3] VivziePop still considers Vaggie to be moth themed, but in a more subtle way.[21]
  • Christopher Niosi, who met Vivienne in the School of Visual Arts (and was given special thanks in her thesis film, Son of 666), was the one who suggested Monica Franco to Vivienne for the role of Vaggie, before the pilot had started production and before casting had even begun.[22]
  • Vaggie's Spanish lines are left untouched in the Japanese dub, instead of being dubbed over in Japanese.
  • Before being archived, Vaggie was in charge of handling the hotel's Voxtagram account (@hotel_magnement).[23]


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