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Vaggie is Charlie's manager and her intimate girlfriend, as well as a control freak, a resident of Hell and the tritagonist of the Hazbin Hotel series. Her fiery temper impedes her aims to make Charlie's dreams into a reality.


Vaggie is a grumpy, shameless, and slim woman with slightly dark skin. Her hair is white, with light pink striped undertones and wears a big pink bow. Vaggie's right eye is black, with light-yellow borders, and her sclera is light pink. Her left eye is missing, and is replaced by a pink X.

She usually is seen wearing a pastel goth-like outfit; her dress is white with light-navy blue crosses on the chest, and a light-navy blue belt. She also wears light-navy blue evening gloves. Her right stocking is light-navy blue and her left stocking has light-pink stripes.

Vivzie based her design off of a moth.


Vaggie has an explosive temper as shown from her interactions with Angel Dust and Alastor (The former always putting the credibility of the Happy Hotel in jeopardy and Alastor’s malicious tendencies)

She is a very protective person, especially towards Charlie. She's a "want's to be in control" person.


Angel Dust

They have a certain frenemy relationship; neither liking nor disliking each other.


Charlie and Vaggie have an intimate relationship with each other. She once punched the camera guy at the news station for calling Charlie a stupid bitch. Vaggie cares a lot about Charlie and always tries to protect her from any one who either insult or tries to harm her.

Vivziepop describes their relationship as like Jack Skeleton and Sally's relationship from The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Vaggie is well aware of Alastor’s reputation and is determined not to let him hurt anyone involved with the Hotel.


  • "Was that you trying to be sexist or racist?" (To Angel)


  • She is Salvadoran/Spanish.
  • She is one of the most re-designed characters made by Vivienne.
  • As per her short temper, she's quick to resort to violence whenever she gets too agitated, or someone else is making life hard for Charlie. Such examples include...
    • Punching out a cameraman
    • Throwing a knife at Angel Dust in Charlie's limo
    • Threatening Alastor with a spear the first time he first steps into the Happy Hotel
  • She was supposed to appear in Zoophobia's "Angels and Demons" arc.
  • Vivienne once stated that she was in a romantic relationship with Angel Dust, however it is no longer canon, as they're relationship was changed from a romantic relationship to a frenemy relationship during the show's development.
  • Vaggie is a lesbian, as it is confirmed by Vivziepop herself.
  • She originally died in the 1980's, but it was changed to 2014 during the show's development.
  • She and Cherri Bomb are well skilled dancers.
  • She can speak Spanish.
  • According to Vivziepop in one of Ashley Nichols streams, Charlie and Vaggie are a canon couple.
  • Vaggie represents modern day.
  • She is from the 2000's.
  • Vaggie is the youngest to die, as she died in the year 2014.
  • She, Alastor, and Niffty are neat freaks.
  • Chris Niosi, whom met Vivienne in the School of Visual Arts and was given Special Thanks on her thesis film Son of 666, was the one who suggested Monica Franco to Vivienne for the character before the pilot nor the casting was even in production.[1]



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