Hazbin Hotel Staff

Charlotte Magne

Vaggie and Charlie have been best friends since the former was sent to Hell; their relationship eventually grew to become an intimate one at some point before the start of the series. She once punched a camera guy at the news station for calling Charlie a "stupid bitch". Vaggie greatly cares a lot about Charlie and always tries to protect her from anyone who either insults or tries to harm her.


Vaggie is well aware of Alastor’s reputation and is immediately suspicious to his claims of wanting to help run the Happy Hotel. She is determined not to let him hurt anyone involved with the hotel, and warns Charlie to never make a deal with him. Vaggie also dislikes him for constantly invading her personal space and telling her to smile.


Vaggie quickly points her harpoon at Niffty after she searches around for men and starts cleaning around the hotel, though Niffty does not take notice of this. She puts her harpoon down after observing that Niffty is not a threat. The two have yet to interact onscreen.


Though Vaggie vehemently dismisses Alastor's suggestion of adding a bar to the hotel, she does not really show how she feels about Husk. The two have yet to interact with each other.

The Magne Family

Lucifer Magne

Though the two have yet to interact onscreen, Lucifer trusts her enough to be Charlie's girlfriend.

Lilith Magne

Like her husband, Lilith and Vaggie are yet to interact onscreen. Though it is implied that she and Lucifer trust her enough to be Charlie's girlfriend.

Razzle and Dazzle

Despite not having interacted on-screen, Vaggie and the two are on good terms.


Angel Dust

Although the two share a mutual animosity between each other, there are times where she is also shown to care for him.

The pilot reveals that Vaggie finds Angel's almost casual dismissal of his behavior infuriating, especially since it has upset Charlie in the process, but she respects him enough to explain things like Alastor's reputation to him when he asks.

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