"What have I told you countless times, sweetheart? Regarding you, work, and my affairs?"
―Valentino, to Angel in the prequel comics

Valentino is one of the many Overlords of Hell who is one of the members of The Three Vs Triumvirate, and is the owner of Porn Studios, making him Angel Dust's boss. He is one of the main antagonists of the series.


Valentino is a moth demon who has muted blue skin, hot pink eyes covered by pink and gold heart glasses. He wears a matching top hat, with two antennae, one having a feather-like appearance. He has a fur-lined coat with more of his fuzz as his 'collar' having hearts implanted in it, which is apparently a part of his body[4], and plain white fluffy cuffs. He has a mouth full of sharp hot pink teeth with one gold tooth which is also shared by Angel Dust.

Valentino has black hands that slightly go lighter at the tips and the wrists. His coat has an appearance of zebra print beneath, he also wears a matching top hat and he sports long black boots. He wears fishnets under his coat.[5]


Valentino has been described by Faustisse as being about as level-headed as his fellow Overlord Vox[6]and the comics and music video for "Addict" shows that he is very controlling and abusive towards Angel Dust, taking most of the earnings he makes for work and has forcibly kissed and raped Angel several times, enough to give him some form of possible PTSD. 

Valentino also appears to be abusing his on and off again partner and fellow Overlord, Vox. This is shown on Vox and his Voxtagram accounts, where Vox gets his screen shattered for petty reasons, such as giving him the wrong drink. They have broken up for more than 3 times and recently, Vox eventually deleted all his posts on his Voxtagram.



  • Valentino is an Italian name, meaning "brave and/or strong". It can also mean "a ladies' man".
  • Valentino would be the kind of person to have a collection of canes.[7] 
  • It has been hinted that he and Vox are somewhat romantically involved. The comments made by both Velvet and Stolas on one of Valentino's Voxtagram posts further supports the idea.
  • He follows at least three Instagram accounts that deal with lights/lighting.


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