"Ain’t I a cutie?"
―Velvet’s first Instagram post

Velvet is one of the many Overlords in Hell and is one of the members of The Three Vs Triumvirate.


Velvet is a slim demon with slightly grey-brown skin. She has velvet, burgundy, and white hair tied into pigtails with lace hair ties holding her hair up. She seems to be wearing white eyeliner with crimson eyeshadow. She has white irises and red sclera.

Velvet wears a black, velvet, and white tea-length dress with short puffed sleeves including various designs and velvet lace at the bottom. She wears white and velvet striped evening gloves and black tights or stockings. Her shoes are velvet flats with white puff balls on the top.


Velvet is the energetic, stylish and trendy type who is always up-to-date with the latest trends and technology. This is one of the main reasons why she and Vox get along quite well with each other.[1] Faustisse has also described her as being a very crazy person.[2]


Natural Abilities

  • Demon Transformation: Like every other Demon, Velvet possesses the ability to transform into her Full Demon form and back to her default form.



  • Velvet's name means "a closely woven fabric of silk, cotton, or nylon, that has a thick short pile on one side". It's Latin root word, villus, means "shaggy cloth" or "tuft of hair".
    • Her name could also be alluding to the color itself.
    • The color velvet often represents power and wealth.
    • Her social media username, radvelvetcakes, is a pun on the word “rad” and the confectionary, red velvet cakes.
  • Velvet is said to be good with food and potion making.[1]


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