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"Alright, sluts, get ready to suck a lot of pig dick."
―Verosika to her posse, after they get busted by Earth's police force

Verosika's posse (unofficial name) is a group of Succubi Demons who are friends with Verosika Mayday.

They made their debut alongside Verosika in the episode "Spring Broken".


  • Default: The multitude of Verosika's posse take the appearance of stereotypical demons, including pink skin, curved horns, fangs, and forked tails.
  • Human Disguise: Their human forms look almost identical to their default demon forms, minus the horns, wings, and tails. Instead of red/pink skin, they take on human skin colors from every race, but most retain their red pupils.


Just like Verosika, her posse is known to be very seductive and sexually active, as shown when they found Moxxie adorable and tried having sex with him (or in Blitzo's words, "access his holes"). However, unlike Verosika, her friends appear to be much less cunning and cold-hearted. They are also shown to be much more fearful than her, as they all cowered in fear of being arrested.

Despite being Succubi, they appear to have certain standards when it comes to sexual partners and prefer to choose them, cringing in disgust at the thought of needing to pleasure the cops after they are arrested at the end of "Spring Broken".


Natural Abilities

  • Human Shapeshifting: Verosika's posse can take on a convincing human appearance to disguise themselves in the living world.
  • Sexual Inducement: Verosika's posse has the ability to trigger anyone's sex hormones by seducing anyone they make contact with through their beauty, voice, or touch, and triggers anyone to become sexually active. However, this effect only works on humans since demons appear immune to the effects.
  • Demon Transformation: Verosika and her posse have the ability to transform in and out of their "Full Demon" forms with little to no effort.


Verosika's lackeys.jpeg



  • Apple and Coco appear to be dating, as they are labeled "girlfriends" on the succubi's model sheet.[1][2] This is also evident by the fact that they cling to each other and hold hands at the end of the episode.
    • The episode "Ozzie's" also suggests Josh and Ace are dating, as they are seen cuddling together at their table at Ozzie's.