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"Alright, Spring Breakers! Y'all ready to get fucked up and make some bitchin' bad choices?!"
―Verosika, hyping up the audience during her concert

Verosika Mayday is a succubus demon and a famous popstar in both Hell and the living world. She is also an ex-girlfriend of Blitzo, making her debut as the main antagonist in "Spring Broken".


Verosika is a succubus demon. She has an hourglass figure, hot pink skin and a barbed tail with a black tip. She has two black tipped horns (the left horn is taller than the other), with two black stars on each side. Her eyes are hot pink with yellow sclera and she has a black heart under her right eye. She has long ombre-white hair with pink undertones, from lighter to darker towards the tips, and a darker pink streak down the length and across the bangs. Her hair matches her accessorized pink fur coat, under which she wears a tightly-fitted white and black mini dress. The dress features a prominent contrasting 'X' and 'O' pattern on the chest, as well as a star design on the abdomen. She wears long black thigh-highs with black high heels that have a heart motif and three X-shaped cutouts down the sides. She has a pair of round shades with pink heart designs in the lenses. And while it does not appear on her human disguise, she also has a red heart-shaped tattoo on her right upper arm, which has a name written within it that has been crossed out with a big black 'X'.

Human Disguise

In her human disguise, her skin is a light brown. Her hair is ombre-blonde with pink undertones, from darker to lighter towards the tips. She has auburn roots and a light pink streak down the length.

Her sclerae are white, yet retain the pink irises and exaggerated eyeliner of her demon form. Her outfit also changes to a ruffled pink crop top with separate long sleeves and a ruffled pink skirt with a slit at the hem, a star pattern on the front and a black heart on the hip. The skirt dovetails into a light pink sash with a heart design that visually references her tail. She wears the same black heels as before, minus the 'X' cutouts.


As a succubus demon, Verosika is actively seductive and flirtacious, attributes she intigrates into her famous popstar persona as a means of manipulation. Despite her star-status, fame and confidence, Verosika also appears somewhat jaded and is nursing a drinking problem, something she has previously been to rehab for. She is capable of being petty and mean-spirited, as well as highly competitive. She doesn't take losing well, particularly to Blitzo, with whom she shares a romantic history - a relationship that did not end well and is implied to be a source of bitterness for her.


Natural Abilities

  • Demon Transformation: Verosika can transform into a larger "full Demon" form at will, the silhouette of which can be seen when she and her gang corner Moxxie in their newly rented office.
  • Human Shapeshifting: Verosika can take on a convincing human appearance to disguise herself in the living world.
  • Sexual Inducement: Verosika has the ability to trigger a human's sex drive with her singing voice, touch, and even just her stage presence. People in her vicinity becomes extremely amorous and seek to make sexual contact with those around them, including Verosika's gang of succubi. This power appears to only actively affect humans, as demons and hellhounds near her retain control of themselves and their senses, whether or not they are using a human disguise.


  • Musical Talent: Verosika is a gifted singer. This skill can amplify her seductive power and induce humans who hear her to fall under her amorous spell.



  • Verosika was not immediately confirmed to be a succubus, although there were many indications that she was intended as such. Not only because of her appearance, but also her alluring effect on humans, which is an ability succubi are traditionally depicted as using to ensnare prey. Blitzo's derogatory nickname for her, "succu-bitch", added to the idea, as well as her car's license plate which reads "SUCK-4-LIFE". Her pop song, "Vacay to Bonetown", features lyrics which also directly mention succubi. She was eventually confirmed to be a succubus in art sent to Cristina Vee from the show's animators.
  • Verosika has implied that she knows Blitzo's sister. She name-drops her when verbally sparring with Blitzo, telling him, "your sister [in rehab] says 'Hi'". Although whether she is telling the truth or just attempting to bait Blitzo is currently unknown.
  • The heart on her cheek could be a reference to Marina Diamandis during her "Electra Heart" era, during which she also famously had a black heart on her cheek (albeit the left one as opposed to Verosika wearing it on her right one). According to the lyrics of Diamandis' song "How to Be a Heartbreaker", wearing a heart on your cheek is one of the rules of being a heartbreaker, which also fits Verosika's character.
  • Her name shares the same initials as the show creator, Vivienne Medrano.
  • Similar to Robo Fizz, Verosika also pronounces the now silent "o" in Blitzo's name. This is possibly for the duel reasons of her potentially knowing him while he was still using the full pronounciation, and also knowing that it now irritates him to hear as he has intentionally distanced himself from it.
  • She appears to be addicted to a drink Blitzo refers to as Beelzejuice. This drink appears to have the ability to mutate creatures in the human world into giant monsters.
  • Despite being a Succubus, she and her fellow Succubi appear to have certain standards when in comes to sexual partners; this is shown when Verosika and her group cringe and groan in disgust at the thought of pleasuring the cops after they are arrested at the end of "Spring Broken".