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"It’s cool. Her beef ain’t mine, and I’m not paid enough to care."
―Vortex to Loona

Vortex is the bodyguard for the famous popstar Verosika Mayday who made his debut alongside her and her crew in "Spring Broken".


Vortex is a lupine Hellhound with a monotone gray color scheme similar to Loona, only darker. They both also share similar eye colors. He is extremely muscular and has a scar on his left eye with slightly tattered ears. He also has a black fur pattern on his left arm, in the shape of a wolf's head. He wears a ripped jacket with glowing red spikes and a black undershirt, as well as ripped grey pants.

Human Form

His human disguise is largely identical to his demon form. He takes on the appearance of a muscular Black man with a slightly scarred ear in this form. The wolf head on his left arm is now a tattoo. There are no changes to his outfit between the two forms besides him now having dark shoes.


Vortex is intimidating at first glance but he can also be very approachable, and friendly with other Hellhounds such as Loona. He's essentially a laid-back guy who knows when to get serious, with a simultaneously laid back and no-nonsense attitude, especially when it comes to his job. He'll happily strike up a conversation with someone he can see means no harm but will not hesitate to knock someone out if they get too close to his boss.


Natural abilities

  • Human shapeshifting: Vortex can take on a convincing human appearance to disguise himself in the living world.
  • Superhuman Strength: He has displayed an incredible amount of strength which lands him his job as Verosika's bodyguard.



  • His name refers to a “mass of whirling fluid and or air” akin to that of a whirlpool or whirlwind.
  • Vortex is the first male Hellhound shown in both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss.
  • He shares the same voice actor as the lizard demon seen in the bar who criticizes Charlie's advertisement of the hotel from the Hazbin Hotel pilot.