Vox is an Overlord and is one of the members of the The Three Vs. He is one of the main antagonists in the series.


Vox's a slim, technology-themed demon standing at about 7'00"[3]. He wears a striped tuxedo and a black and red striped shirt. He has a red bow tie and a white-ish blue undershirt. He wears a black top hat with red and blue designs reminiscent of a broadcast symbol and radio wave symbol, respectively, and his antennas stick out of it. He has a flat-screen TV for a head, and his eyes are red with light-blue pupils, but his left eye has black stripes and a jagged pupil. He has light blue teeth and what appears to be blood dripping from one side of his mouth. His eyebrows are different colors, the left's white and the right's dark blue.


Vox's stated to be quite the showman, and a charismatic, egotistical, and manipulative individual who craves attention.[4] Like Velvet, he is always keeping up with the latest trends and technology[5], but unlike Velvet has been described as level headed by Faustisse.[6]


Natural Abilities

  • Demon Transformation: Vox shares the same common trait that every other Demon has, that being the ability to transform from his Full Demon form and back to his default form at will.

Unique Abilities

  • Electrical Interference: Depending on his emotions, Vox possesses the ability to control electricity. For instance, if he's angered he can easily make it so that a Hell-wide blackout happens.[7] Vox can also turn into electricity. [8]



  • The word "vox" is the shortened version of the word "vocals". It may also be the shortened version of the Latin word vox, meaning "voice".
  • Vivienne and Hazbin writer Dave Capdevielle confirmed that Vox is one of the bigger antagonists in the series.[9]
  • According to Viv, he and Alastor don't get along due to their opposing views on technology, with Alastor disliking anything invented after his death in the 1930's and Vox embracing new technologies.[10]
  • Faustisse mentioned that Vivienne used music artists such as Skrillex and Knife Party songs, especially the song "Narcissistic Cannibal" to help herself create Vox's design.[7]
  • Vivziepop's head canon voice actor for Vox would be Mark Hamill.[11]
  • Vox doesn't have a specific favorite when it comes to his preferences for TV shows but it is noted that he likes to watch commercials and enjoys watching game shows.[12]
  • According to Vivziepop, Vox has eaten McDonald's before, therefore making himself think he is much better and more superior than Alastor, who died before the chain was founded.[13]
  • From a live stream that Blitzo and Stolas were drawing pictures, the username by the name of "Radvelvetcakes" (monitored by Velvet herself) mentioned that Vox and Valentino recently broke up. She also mentioned this on an Instagram reply to Angel Dust. This could possibly imply that Vox and Valentino were in a relationship. Further messages also from the live stream imply it as a romantic one, although this's yet to be confirmed.
  • Vox owns a pet hammerhead shark named Vark.


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