Voxtagram is an augmented reality service based on the Hazbin Hotel franchise. In terms of narrative, it is an online social media platform that is a part of Vox's multimedia. It is where the denizens of Hell share their personal pictures and videos via posts. The service, as well as affiliated accounts, aren't officially canon, and rather, are simply meant to be fun interactive stories that are not official nor promotional in any sort of way.[1][2] In spite of that, this doesn't necessarily mean that the entirety of the content posted on the accounts is inaccurate to the characters' personalities.[2]

As of January 17, 2021, all the accounts affiliated with characters from Hazbin Hotel have been archived due to the confusion of them being canon or not with the show.[1]

Notable users

Hazbin Hotel

Helluva Boss


  • Voxtagram is a play on words combining Vox's name with the real-world social media platform, Instagram, wherein the posts are found.
    • All the official Voxtagram accounts are run by the crew's artists.
    • Cherri Bomb's previous account has since been acquired as a fan account.
  • The hotel's (run by Charlie and Vaggie) username is a combination of "hotel management" and Charlie's last name, Magne.
  • Niffty's username might be a reference to how many people mistake her as a child combined with a shortened version of the word "feather duster".
  • The number 75 in Husk's username might be a reference to his actual age.
  • Valentino follows at least three accounts that deal with lighting.
  • The numbers on Octavia's former Voxtagram account handle, @gothchk2003, may be a reference to the year she was born on. Making her 17 years old. This is supported on one of Stolas's posts regarding her birthday.
    • Additionally, her birthday is shown to be on August 17, 2003.
  • In one of Angel's Voxtagram posts, it is shown that:
    • Fat Nuggets was originally given to him as a gift.
    • And that he has a candid picture of Husk in his room.
  • It is shown on several of Blitzo's Voxtagram posts that he is horrible at spelling, and at one point, even won an award[4] for it.
    • Though, interestingly enough it did not seem to be the case when he first started his account. It only started to become a thing from this post onwards, until it eventually worsened to the point where it is now.
  • In one story, Blitzo owned a horse that can apparently talk and teleport. However, it did not make an official appearance outside of Blitzo's Voxtogram, where it was shown after several posts merely telling everyone he owns a horse.
    • With that said, before it was shown, Moxxie supposedly saw Blitzo's horse, sending him into a traumatic state.[5] The horse has also made a small appearance in one of Blitzo's Voxtagram posts.[6]
    • Additionally, the name of his horse changes every Voxtagram post until this post.
    • Blitzo's horse, at the time of this post, finally makes an appearance. As of this post, Spindle became the horse's permanent name; the name is a reference to Vivziepop's animation company, SpindleHorse.
  • One of Voxtagram posts Blitzo made is a reference to the "Eat Pant" meme.
  • One of Stolas's favorite past times is shown to be tending to his plants.[7]
  • As of the premiere of "Loo Loo Land", Octavia's account is no longer private.
    • Her account being private up until this point might have been to prevent people from seeing spoilers about her before her debut.
  • Alastor not having an account is a nod to how he dislikes post-30s technology.
  • In one of Sir Pentious's Voxtagram posts, he photoshops pictures of Vox and Valentino into one of his selfies. The pictures he uses of the two Overlords are taken from the pilot.
  • Velvet's username, radvelvetcakes, is a pun on the word "rad" and the confectionary, red velvet cakes.
  • Blitzo currently has the most posts out of everyone, as he has 161 posts.


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